An Open Letter to Our Readers

An open letter from the owner Luis Angeles to our readers.

On November 26, 2014, a frequent viewer noticed and pointed out the fact our Ethics Policy page was empty. I would like to thank the frequent viewer for pointing this out, and I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to those who have visited APGNation for the past 10 months. Moving forward, APGNation will be more transparent with everything we do. I apologize today to our readers for not informing them of our plans on the state of our policies. Since the inception of the website, we have been slowly moving toward finalizing everything professionally. We did not want to put up an unfinished draft just for the sake of having something on the page, or copy another company’s policy. In the coming months we will keep you updated on everything we do and tell you when our Review Policy and Editorial Policy are live.

It is about ethics in gaming journalism; therefore, if there ever comes a time when you feel we are not meeting or exceeding our promises to you, our readers, please let us know. As gamers, it is our goal to share the latest gaming news & reviews with you in a relevant and timely manner, while also maintaining the highest of ethical standards when it comes to the content we produce. It is about making sure our readers feel welcome and not abandoned. I would love to thank everyone who has helped us grow, and for those who will continue to do so in the future.

Continue to help us by sharing our content on Facebook, retweeting our tweets on Twitter, and posting our links on Reddit, because by doing all of this, you help us become competitive. We are here for our audience the gamers, who we hold to the highest not only because we are gamers ourselves, but also because we acknowledge that you are our audience. Remember Nation, it is because of you that we continue to work hard in making APGNation the best site out there.

Luis Angeles

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