The Game Awards 2014 Rundown

The Game Award Show happened tonight! Hosted by Geoff Keighley, the awards show for gamers and the games industry lasted three hours and treated viewers to some interesting entertainment, world premieres of upcoming games, and a few interesting interviews. Some gaming notables were on hand, as well as industry big wigs like Hideo Kojima. Don’t worry if you missed it — we at APGNation got the lowdown on the winners.

Best Performance  Trey Parker, for his many voices in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Best Soundtrack — Destiny

Best Online Experience — Destiny

Trending Gamer — Total Biscuit

Best Mobile/Handheld Game — Hearthstone

Best Fighting Game — Smash Bros for the Wii U

Esport’s Player of the year — Nadeshot, Call of Duty

Game for Change — Valiant Hearts

Best Narrative — Valiant Hearts

Best Shooter — Far Cry 4

Industry Icon — Sierra founders Ken and Roberta Williams

Best Indie Game — Shovel Knight

Game of the Year — Dragon Age: Inquisition

Overall the show was a success from a technical standpoint, few audio troubles and other issues. Production values were good, and all the acts and performances were rather entertaining. Though it does bother me that the most common phrase at the show was “World Premiere” instead of “and the winner is…”, maybe next year we can focus more on the awards and less on the exclusive footage. Still, for the the first ever Video Game Awards, it wasn’t too shabby. 

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