Elite Dangerous Gears Up for Launch with New Trailer

With the release date looming, Elite Dangerous gears up with an all new cinematic launch trailer and an all new gamma release. The game’s debut is less than a week away now and it’s really shaping up with a huge change log recently released for Gamma 2.0 and critical features of the game finally being implemented. The trailer is really great but like most game cinematic trailers, it bears little resemblance to actual game.

The Gamma 2.0 client for Elite Dangerous was just released and the change log is absolutely massive. Gamma 2.0 adds some very important features including two new ships the Adder and Type 7. The very important feature of route planning has been added, which will help with planning those long cross-galaxy trips. Also included in the change log is a massive list of tweaks and bug fixes.

Gamma 2.0 at a glance:


  • Add Lakon Type 7 playable ship
  • Add Adder playable ship
  • Route planning added
  • Alliance stations now have their own colour swatch
  • Scenarios in system updated on state change
  • Slavery missions and commodities added
  • New ships: audio for Orca, Type7, and Adder. 
  • Audio Options Screen: New stuff added, including tooltips.
  • Dynamic Range: 3 Dynamic range options added … “standard speakers/Headphones” mode, which is the same as previous releases, with a target integrated volume of approx -23dB EBU R128. A low dynamics “Night-Time” mode for playing at low volumes, without losing too much detail, or getting blown away by loud sounds. And a high dynamic “Home Cinema” mode for powerful speakers at loud volumes. The new modes are a “work in progress”, so feedback from players is very welcome.
  • Many optimizations to increase performance.

Read the full Gamma 2.0 change log here.

Elite Dangerous is set to release on December 16th and is currently on sale for sale on the Elite Dangerous store. Be sure to follow @APGNation for upcoming review of Elite Dangerous and more gaming news!

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