Spectator Mode in Halo 5 Caters to eSports

Halo 5: Guardians is looking to cater to eSports by introducing a spectator mode.

Starting with the multiplayer beta that goes live at the end of December, players will be able to spectate matches on Halo 5. 343 Industries spokesman Josh Holmes stated in a talk with IGN: “When you think about Halo, it’s such a tailor-made experience for eSports, especially with that competitive edge, getting back to the level playing field and everything.” Halo is now looking to get more competitive with other shooters and will be accessible with built-in Twitch streaming through the Halo Channel.


Viewers will be able to jump in and view their friends’ matches. There will also be a Spotlight feature that will showcase the top Halo players and allow individuals to watch matches with playback controls.

The hopes are to have this up and running for the continuation of the Halo Championship Series, which took a short pause due to multiplayer problems with The Master Chief Collection.

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Source: IGN

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