Hacker Group ‘The Finest’ Takes on Gaming Menace ‘Lizard Squad’

For the last few months, nuisance “hacker” group Lizard Squad has plagued the gaming world, constantly taking servers online and attacking online services. They brought down Xbox Live twice, interfered with Call of Duty and Destiny several times, and allegedly attacked¬†the PlayStation Network as well.

Fortunately, a second group calling themselves “The Finest” has taken it upon themselves to knock these fellows out of business.

They’ve exposed many members of Lizard Squad, and even appear to be alerting authorities to their findings, as they’ve claimed several members of the squad have been arrested.


While there are always multiple sides to the story and multiple parties attempting to claim credit, The Finest appears to have documentation and a hard timeline to back up their claims. If the Lizard Squad is actually shut down, a couple million gamers will be sending their appreciation, as the server downtime has largely been a subject of intense disdain.

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