Bloodborne Teases Fans With A Taste

In light of the unfortunate delay on the upcoming action roleplaying PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, From Software decided to be extra evil — earlier today, a tweet was sent out via the Official Bloodborne Twitter account informing fans of a later reveal in three days’ time. The subject of the teased December 18th reveal will be updated information on some of the enemies in the world of Bloodborne.

We did tell you that it really doesn’t reveal anything.

Even more mysterious is a rather obese shambling corpse — or rather, half of one. The image (top) accompanying the tweet shows some humanoid creature brandishing what appears to be a lantern and a crooked wooden club. The figure is coated with leather and chains and ultimately reveals nothing to anyone due to the top half being cut off.

Imagine the secrets it would hold.

That’s not all — just yesterday, Yasuhiro Kitao’s Twitter feed was shown to have an an image of him holding up a rather large Bloodborne poster. Sadly it’s the image that we are all pretty used to by now, but it does reaffirm is the date Bloodborne‘s Japan release: March 26th, which is a reassuring bit of information suggesting no more delays.

The pamphlet would be more interesting than the poster.

Furthermore, the Japanese Bloodborne news page has more images, showing the poster to actually be a promotional pamphlet. The cool thing about the pamphlet is the poster on the back of course, but it also opens like a book. Inside the booklet are several images depicting various weapons, one of the player characters, and what appears to also be a non-playable character. It’s filled with concept art and presumably information about the game. Sadly our Nation has no diplomat to translate for us so we’ve had to use our best guess.

An assortment of the different classes weapons.

What we can confirm is that the black-clothed figure dressed somewhat like Ingward from New Londo (Dark Souls) is one of the four playable character classes available to you at the beginning of the game. What is interesting about the artwork on the pamphlet is one of the locations. One of the locations depicted on the booklet immediately brings to mind the area beneath the Nexus, just before you fight the final boss and lull The Old One back to sleep. This could just be a coincidence or possibly our writer’s eyes are giving out on them. Either way, there are roughly nine screenshots from various Bloodborne locations littered across the pamphlet and we are hyped.

We can’t read Japanese, much to our chagrin.

It is unknown whether the West will receive this pamphlet promo material but, considering the history of these things, it’s unlikely. That is unfortunate because the From Software fans here at APGNation could likely spend several hours debating on whether this ties into the main mythology of either Demon’s or Dark Souls.

If there’s anything you noticed on the pamphlet we missed and would like to bring it to our attention, feel free to let us now. We read all of our comments and are always more than happy to respond to any questions or discuss theories about From Software’s rich body of work. Now I just need to get hold of a Playstation 4 before Bloodborne drops here March 24.

Yes we are incredibly jealous, you showoff.

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