SaGa 2015 Coming to Vita

At the end of a recent live stream celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Square Enix’s SaGa series, the venerable video game company unveiled plans to release a new entry of the series for the Playstation Vita sometime in 2015. Aptly titled SaGa 2015, nothing else was revealed regarding the game except for the fact that it will be, for the moment, exclusive to the Vita. A browser game called Imperial SaGa was also announced, which will mesh together worlds from previous SaGa games in much the same manner Disney and Final Fantasy properties are in the Kingdom Hearts series. 


SaGa was first introduced to audiences way back in the early 90’s as Final Fantasy Legend for the original Gameboy, despite having nothing to do with the Final Fantasy series. The games were known to allow the player to completely customize their adventuring party by selecting from 4 different races: human, mutant, robot, and monster, and then equipping them with a variety of magic and weapons. That particular series would run for three games, all for the GB, but would then quietly disappear from the American gaming landscape until 1997 with the release of SaGa Frontier — a personal favorite — for the Playstation 1. Frontier was then followed by a sequel in the early 2000’s and the later release of SaGa Unlimited for the PS2 in 2003, which was a very odd installment where dungeons are traversed in a manner similar to a board game. Unlimited was panned by critics — boasting a rather sad 45 on Metacritic — for its extreme difficulty and odd game design decisions, but remains a beautiful game art and music-wise that is worth playing at least once to appreciate the novelty of its interface and controls.

Japan has seen remakes of the Final Fantasy Legend series for the Nintendo DS in recent years, but sadly, none of them have hit American shores outside of fan translations of several of the games. But with any luck, SaGa 2015 will not share the series’ recent run of bad luck and will mark the return of SaGa to the West. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @APGNation for more on this story and more news regarding more of your favorite upcoming games.

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