Dark Souls Update Hollows Out GFWL

Way back in November, it was announced via Bandai Namco’s tumblr that Dark Souls would lose Games For Windows Live support. We all waited around in November for the impending notice as Games For Windows Live prepared to die — but it never came. We got halfway through November and there was still no word of it. Well it seems our wait is finally over.

A post on the 16th of December revealed that players can now update their Dark Souls “Prepare to Die” edition from GFWL. The Steam community post written by the community manager, Anthony Shoupinou, reveals further details of how to transfer saves. Sadly the methods can be a tad fiddly, depending on your version.

The Steamworks update will be available from December 16, 2014 to February 16, 2015. This update will allow players to keep both their save data and their achievements in Dark Souls. From February 16th the Steamworks updated version will become the default version sold to customers.

Outlined below are all the different methods that customers will have available to them to update their copy of the game. There are three methods through which the game data can be transferred. The first method is for users who bought Dark Souls “Prepare to Die” prior to December 15th for GFWL from a retailer. Anyone who owns the physical disc uses this method.

The Dark Souls “Prepare to Die” edition should be added to your Steam account using your serial number. You will then need to launch the game and connect to Games For Windows Live. The next step is running the game — it is worth noting that only the currently signed-in user’s progress will be saved to the Steam account. After these steps, close and right click your game in the Steam library. Go to Properties and check that the BETA tab is set to “dsptde-2.0-” before relaunching Dark Souls “Prepare to Die”. This will now be version 2.0 and the game will search for previous save data and achievements on your computer.

For those with the digital version of Dark Souls “Prepare to Die” edition, things are a little bit different. They will need to launch the game and connect to GFWL. Only the logged-in user’s data will be transferred. They then need to close Games For Windows Live, before right-clicking Dark Souls and checking Properties. Make sure the BETA tab is set to “dsptde-2.0-” too. Now the game will be version 2.0 — players will need to sign in using the same live profile previously used. The game will then look for the saves and achievements and act accordingly.

The second method of save transfers is only for users who bought the game between December 16th and February 16th. Users will need to download the game, right-click on it and go to Properties. The BETA tab will then need to be set to “dsptde-2.0-“. If asked to make a GFWL account, ignore the request and launch Dark Souls v2.0 from Steam.

The third and final method is for anyone who purchased Dark Souls “Prepare to Die” on or after February 16th, 2015. The only thing these people need to do is launch the game from Steam. Very simple.

Awesome Christmas image by Mewtheed.

Now before you go off vanquishing foes and soul farming, it’s worth noting a few things. Users are reporting numerous bugs like the game crashing on startup, giving them the debug menu, or not accepting their serial key. The new update seems to be playing havoc with the well known DSfix patch as well. Some users have claimed success by reducing the frames per second unlock down to zero, but this is merely speculation. Understandably, people aren’t impressed as the new update appears to have broken a few things. We at the Nation will keep you guys posted if anything important becomes known, but for the time being it looks like the popular DSfix patch will give players problems.

With that all said, I should probably go transfer my saves as well. Hopefully I’ll meet a few of you in the land of Lordran. As always if you want to stay up to date with videogame news or just like what we do here at the Nation, stalk us on Twitter @APGNation.




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