Elite Dangerous Launch Includes $19,000 Contest

Elite: Dangerous has launched — so far the servers have been stable and while download speeds for the client are not fantastic, they are serviceable. Elite appears to have benefited greatly from its lengthy Alpha, Beta, and Gamma phases leading up to the games release. It’s clear that Elite: Dangerous will be remembered as a true Kickstarter success, raising just over 1.5 million dollars nearly two years ago. Eager players are getting their first taste of Elite, while some old hands are reliving the glory days of the original Elite game with graphical fidelity no one could have dreamed of back in 1984. Be sure to check out the Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer:

In addition to the release, Frontier Developments is throwing a contest with a cash prizes for the first to reach Elite status in three different areas — $1,500 for the first to reach Elite status in Combat Rating, Trader, and Exploration, and $15,000 for the first person to reach Elite status in all 3. Just to give one some idea of how long the road is to Elite status is, I’ve made over 25 million credits trading goods and I’m just a “merchant” in my trade rank. I won’t be clearing my save and starting over just to enter the contest so no need to worry about competing with me. Many of the old beta backers and Kickstarter guys have said the same. So if you’re interested in going for the prize, grab your copy of Elite and give it ago. The quest to get Elite status in Exploration will likely take the longest though — with over 400 billion systems, there won’t be a lack of places to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Our review of Elite: Dangerous will be coming later this week, so be sure to follow us on Twitter @APGNation to get the first read, and for more gaming news and reviews.

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