Falcom Announces New RPG: Tokyo Xanadu


In a recent press release, Nihon Falcom Corporation has announced a new title to be the first of their games released in the 2015 fiscal year. Xanadu is being toted as the first ever “Urban-legend action-RPG on the modern stage.” The game is to take place in Morimiya City, located near the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. The story will center around lead character Koh as he navigates the extra-dimensional labyrinth Xanadu. Falcom promises it to be their centerpiece-title for the year, and have high production values.

Nihon Falcom was established in 1981 and is known for series such as Ys and Brandish. The company is not as well-known as others because of its adherence to releasing games for the PC, but Falcom’s star series Ys contends with the Final Fantasy series for the most popular franchise in Japan.

Falcom’s most recent game offerings have come in the form of the Legend Of Heroes series on the PS3 and PS-Vita. Most of this series has not appeared in the US — however, Falcom did release localized versions of the first chapter more recently. With such a sketchy history when it comes to releasing games outside of Japan, the question of whether Xanadu will be brought to larger audiences is definitely on our minds.

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