Rockstar Tells All In GTAV FAQ

Since the recent release of the next generation remakes of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar has been inundated with mountains of questions from the community. These questions included details about the soon to be released GTAV Online heists. To allay many fears about the future of GTAV, Rockstar were kind enough to issue an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) via their Official website of questions sent to them via Mouthoff. The FAQ, released just yesterday was seeking to answer all the important or common questions, quite successfully according to community response.

The first question brought up the first person aspect of the next gen versions. They were concerned that the first person style would oversaturate future titles. Rockstar then promptly responded with a no. They are happy regarding the response first person got but remain committed to third person. They did not discount the possibility of first person being used again where it’s appropriate however. They elaborated further by saying they want fans to play the way they like.

The next question of bringing first person view to the last gen version of GTAV was met with some unfortunate bad news. It turns out that first person is a new feature because it’s only viable on the next generation of consoles due to the expanded memory. They added thousands of new animations to facilitate it, which was just impossible on the last generation without compromising other aspects.

The infamous Shark Cards

The Shark Cards were further elaborated on, regarding whether they’re just a cash grab. They’ve been included as optional in-game currency as an alternative to DLC. It’s the only way they felt they could distribute DLC without dividing the player base with new content and wreck the community by splitting players up. The Shark Cards have allowed them to give away every piece of DLC for free, to keep the community together. It gives players the option to earn new content by playing or just continuing if they don’t want new content.

Now the big one. Some information regarding the online heists for GTAV was dropped. While an official date has yet to be confirmed, Rockstar is certain it will be out this coming year. Some problems were encountered during development and early versions simply weren’t up to their standards. Concepts were binned several times and they now feel confident with the content they have narrowed it down to. They went on to apologize, and saying that they appreciate people’s patience to allow them to work out the kinks, rather than rushing out half-baked content. For players patience, there will also be a small Christmas gift to tide people over and as thanks.

Rockstar allayed concerns over the last generation of GTAV being left behind and forgotten. While players can look forward to online heists on last-gen as well as next-gen and PC, Rockstar are grateful to the first generation of GTAV purchasers. They plan to provide content to both generations for as long as the possibly can. They did however  acknowledge they may reach a point where it’s not technically possible on the older generations.

They also asked for community suggestions to keep coming in as they do indeed read them all and see all as important feedback to the developmental growth of GTAV. The suggestions should be sent to their Official Inbox and noted the feedback has been invaluable in their development of the world. They also addressed one user’s question regarding cross-habitation of PS3 players mingling with PS4. Rockstar would love to do this but feel it’s not achievable to enable players to play in the same lobby across different console generations. Same goes for PC players joining console lobbies.

When questioned about the possibility a Red Dead Redemption remake, they mentioned all the positive response they got from that game. They don’t like to rush sequels out, but at the same time that doesn’t preclude them from ever visiting that world again. they have so many ideas for games they’d like to make, but time and bandwidth is a often prevalent issue. Not really hinting at anything, they advised to keep their eyes peeled for what Rockstar does in 2015.

The final question that was on everyone’s minds was save transfers. Rockstar clarified on the process, stating players will be able to transfer their online characters and progress from any of the four more recent  Sony and Microsoft generation consoles to the PC. If players have already transferred their progress from PS3 or 360 to PS4 or Xbox One, they will still be able to do another transfer to the PC version when it hits. They linked a handy support guide for anyone unclear on the process and made mention of the PC version. The PC version of GTAV is currently in the final stage of development. Official system requirements will be shared soon and they’re excited for the coming weeks.

Overall, the FAQ is a really interesting read. While we at the Nation have abridged it slightly, it’s worth looking at the full version. If you want to stay up to date on Rockstar related news or just like what we do here, feel free to stalk us on Twitter.

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