Bloodborne Assigned Dungeon Detail

Well, the 18th finally came and went and we now know the big surprise hinted at just three days ago! Not only that, but we have had the rest of that sliced off image revealed to us. Bloodborne is shaping up to be a hell of a From Software title, and as promised, the details of the announcement are juicy. Fresh from Las Vegas, attending the Video Game Awards, From Software released some more information on Bloodborne. This time regarding Chalice Dungeons.

These challenging areas of Bloodborne offer to take players into the dark dank depths of Yharnam. The player can enter these via the use of holy chalices. This opens a portal through which the player can reach and explore these vast underground structures. There is a catch however. When a holy chalice is used to enter the dungeon, the maze-like structure of the underground will shift and twist, reforming the structure of the dungeon each time randomly. Filled with numerous traps, powerful foes and things most unspeakable, they will reward skilled players who complete them. This can be done offline or online with the help of other hunters in Bloodborne.


Chalice dungeons will fill a lot of additional optional content and provide replay value to the whole of Bloodborne. The dungeons can even be uploaded, in case your friends want to try. You can share your dungeons online or even travel online to find even more challenging dungeons. This ensures that even after players complete Bloodborne, there will be new challenges to conquer.


The detail truly is something else, and from what we’ve played of the alpha, this is very accurate to the final representation.

New details were released, featuring new location screenshots and fearsome new creatures. Among the new locations discussed were swamps, gothic halls, and old vast subterranean ruins. While traps guard these places, they are not the only ones. Creatures called the protectors guard the dungeons and their ritual masters.

Remember the other half of this fellow? It seems he is a protector.

Remember the other half of this fellow? It seems he is a protector.

The protectors are described as having been born within the chalice dungeons. They have never seen the daylight and roam the halls to protect the secrets hidden in their depths. Despite their black sunken eyes, they have no trouble seeing and will quite easily find you, but they are not the main threat. The ritual masters are far more of a worthy foe and dabble in dark and forbidden arts none have witnessed.

This seems to be the

This seems to be the ritual master that the protector will be guarding.

Another enemy to watch out for is the Ancient Guard Dog. This menacing fellow debuted live during the PSX keynote conference. He is covered in a molten rock hard exterior and the flames that surround him will engulf any unwary traveler ill-prepared for his assault. It is supposedly the oldest beast in existence within the Chalice dungeons, but as Souls and Kings Field fans already know, nothing is that straightforward with From Software.


The fearsome Ancient guard dog. Unimaginative name? Perhaps but he’s going to wreck you.

Are you hyped for the March release of Bloodborne? We here at the Nation are chomping at the bit to review it for you. We will bring you anymore updates as they become known to us between now and the 03/24 release of Bloodborne. To keep on top of things or if you just like what we do, go stalk us on Twitter.

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