Basement Brawl is Here to Save the Day

Do you remember Basement Crawl for PS4?


It’s okay if you don’t, Sony probably wishes you had forgotten it. A few months back when the game released it was so bad that Sony actually gave out refunds for the game. Basement Crawl was just plagued with issues at the release which the developers were not aware of at the time. They tried really hard to fix the problems but the guys over at Bloober Team decided they could rebuild.

Basement Brawl dev team

Rebuild they did! Marc Calhoun, the marketing manager for Bloober Team, told us at APGNation that, “we decided that we would not only just patch the game but be the first studio in the games industry to completely rebuild a game from scratch on a new engine and release it as a free update.” The game formerly known as Basement Crawl will now be referred to as Basement Brawl now.


This is what I consider costumer service at its finest.  The time and effort put into confronting an embarrassing release to fix it and make it better with additions for free. This is how you please gamers. Calhoun explained, “We have completely revamped the game, doubling the character numbers, adding 8 single player campaigns, some crazy multi-player modes and a completely new art-style.”


With this type of dedication to fixing an issue we at APGNation hope they pull it off and leave all of their customers happy. Did you buy Basement Crawl? Are you excited about the news of this new fix announced? Tell us at @APGNation, @elfizz, or in the comment section below!

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