Under Night In-Birth Comes to US on February 24th

Though the fighting game genre has been dominated in recent years by the likes of Arc System Works (Blazblue and Guilty Gear series) and Capcom (Marvel Vs. Capcom and Street Fighter series), a new challenger will hit the American fighting game scene early next year: Under Night In-Birth from cult developers Ecolle Software and French Bread, of the Melty Blood series of Japanese exclusive fighting games.

Much like Blazblue and other games in the genre, Under Night In-Birth will include a lengthy story mode told through dialogue, sprites, and still images that will elaborate on why the game’s characters are punching each other over and over again. In this case, a fictional city in Japan is beset by a mysterious event known as the Hallow Night, which has occurred several times throughout the nation’s history. During this month-long event, shadowy monsters called Void stalk the city’s streets and devour the weak, transforming those strong enough to survive the attack into In-Births — people of special note in the Under Night universe. Of course as in any story, there are also several organizations fighting against the Void, and thus we have conflict!


Also notable is that Under Night In-Birth developer French Bread was also responsible for the Melty Blood series of fighting games based on the visual novel Tsukihime. This means that players can look forward to a complicated, yet rewarding experience when In-Birth is released for consoles in the US on February 24th. Dedicated followers of both French Bread’s previous works and the Tsukihime universe will also have a treat in store for them in the form of the character Sion Eltnam Atlasia, seen above, who makes an appearance as a playable cameo character under her last name.

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