DOTA 2 XMG Captains Draft Moves to Grand Finals: vs Team Secret



With the 3-0 thrashing of Natus Vincere in the semi-finals, Team Secret advances to the grand finals of the nearly seven week-long XMG DotaCinema Captains Draft 2.0 tournament. Team Secret will face off against in a final best out of 5 series with the winner being crowned victor of the tournament and taking home $95,508 of the prize pool. Second place walks away with the hefty consolation prize of $62,763. The grand finals take place December 21st with game 1 starting at 11:00 AM Eastern time-zone.

Captains draft mode makes for an interesting game, as teams have a pool of 27 random heroes to pick and ban from, rather than typical complete pool of 106 used in captains mode of competitive play. This restriction and randomness requires professional players to adapt strategies based on the limited hero pool as well as opening up the possibility of heroes not yet introduced to captains mode making an appearance in professional play.

Captains draft presents a smaller and random pool of heroes to pick and ban from.

Captains draft presents a smaller and random pool of heroes to pick and ban from.


Those of you who like a little risk with your e-sports can head over to Dota2lounge to try your luck with some item or key bets. So far it looks like is your dark horse if you’re looking for the high-risk high-reward option. After watching Team Secret lay on some serious pain to Navi, it seems like they are probably the safe bet for this game.


You can watch the game on DotaCinema’s Twitch channel, or watch it on the in-game by buying the ticket and increasing the prize pool — you’ll also pocket a handful of goodies like a loading screen, HUD, Lich set, Mirana mount, and some interesting emotes. With DotaCinema founders @SUNSfanTV and @syndereNDota casting it’s almost a guarantee to be entertaining.

Also be sure to check out the all-star all random deathmatch game on December 21st at 9:30 AM. If the match is anything like the all-star match at The International 2014, then it’s a must-see.

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