[Update: Konami Responds] Microsoft Posts February Release Date for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

UPDATE: Konami’s Will Chan responded to our request for comment with the following:

“Konami has not made any official announcement on the release date, but stay tuned!”


For years, fans of the Metal Gear franchise have been salivating for the next numbered entry in the franchise, and it looks like they may be getting their wish sooner than most people expected. The Microsoft Store today listed the release date of The Phantom Pain as February 24, 2015, updating it’s previous listing of December 31, 2014, which is a common placeholder for any game without a specific date. While there’s been no official confirmation, the oddly specific date does fall on a Tuesday – standard game release day – and is far enough in the future to market.

/r/games and other boards around the Internet are lighting up with speculation, and users that work at other retail stores have been posting images that seem to confirm the date Microsoft has listed. While user-uploaded images aren’t notorious for being accurate, there’s been nothing to refute the claims so far.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been in development for several years now, and its ‘undercover’ premiere at the VGA show in 2012 sent fans and sleuths scrambling. Hideo Kojima officially revealed the title and nature of the game at GDC in late March of 2013. Since then, many controversial decisions about the direction of the series have pervaded the news, most notably the replacement of veteran Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter with 24 star Keifer Sutherland. Kojima also released Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which was stated to be a prequel for The Phantom Pain, but which many fans decried as a paid demo, upset at the game’s $40 price tag. Despite this, Ground Zeroes scored fairly well with critics, and anticipation of The Phantom Pain is still very high.

Based on what many fans are calling clues, they believe Kojima will announce the release date on or around Christmas, which means we don’t have long to wait. For further updates on The Phantom Pain, and more gaming news, make sure to follow @APGNation on Twitter!

Source: The Microsoft Store

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