Video Games Live Are Now Touring — Discounted Prices

After having their fourth album successfully funded on Kickstarter, Video Games Live are ready to jam. They also want their fans to know that they are touring. Video Games Live currently has 25 shows scheduled for the first part of next year. They also have a number of goodies, that are currently 50-70% off to share with their fans.

Video Games Live are an award winning touring event that features music from the most popular video games of all times. The list of music they have been known to play is enormous, covering several generations of video-game soundtracks. Some of the more well known tracks they’ve covered have been from; Final Fantasy; Metroid; Mario; Sonic; Mass Effect; Metal Gear solid; Halo; Warcraft; Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross; Tron; Mega Man; and many more series too numerous to mention.

They have been described as an “immersive concert featuring music from the most popular video games of all time, with top orchestras and choirs performing along with exclusive video footage, music arrangements, synchronised lighting, percussionists, and more.”

Formed roughly in 2002, Video Games Live seeks to bridge a gap for entertainment by exposing new generations of music lovers and fans to a symphonic orchestral experience that is suitable for the whole family. Well known game music composer, Tommy Tallarico used his experience in working on games like Earthworm Jim, Prince of Persia, Spiderman, MDK, Wild 9 and others to help launch what can only really be described as a “rocking symphonic experience“.

Video Games Live are touring all over the shop, with locales in the US like new York; Boston; Massachusetts; Ohio; Indiana and Texas. They’ll be stopping over in Canada too, before heading off to Australia, England, Austria, Germany and many more that can be found listed on their website.

Video Games Live

For the really diehard Video Games Live fan they have put together an “Ultimate V.I.P Backstage experience pack.” The pack includes a V.I.P laminated tour pass that will let fans go where they’re not  usually meant to. Also included is a pre-show production tour, along with a “Questions and Answers” session/meet and greet with Tommy Tallarico. Their second album Level 2, is included as a free download for the special extended edition. V.I.P.’s will also get a vintage Video Games Live poster, temporary tattoos and the musical score sheet music signed by the composers. Lastly, fans will receive special front of line access to the Video Games Live meet and greet after the show. There is however one caveat for this high value deal. Not included in the V.I.P package is a ticket to the actual concert. If a ticket is not already purchased then the package is rendered invalid, as is clearly stated on the website.

Pictured: Tommy Tallarico

For those unlucky few that can’t attend any of the concerts, don’t fret. The website also contains some of Video Games Live’s albums, as well as Tommy Tallarico’s earlier stuff. You even have a chance to get the CD that you buy signed, or for those who dislike physical media there are digital versions of some of their previous albums as well. There truly is something for everyone in this soon to disappear value deal. The bad news? You only have until April 2015 to take advantage of this, so book your tix and purchase your discs now before it’s too late.

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