New DLC for Sunset Overdrive Grinds Out

Sunset Overdrive was arguably one of the most fun and insane titles of 2014. It seems that Insomniac have released new content for all you readers enjoying your Christmas holidays to grind through that doesn’t take place in Sunset City proper.


Sunset Overdrive and the Mystery of the Mooil Rig, promises two new story missions, new quests, new challenges and bosses. When a distress signal cries out from a Mooil Oil Rig off the shores of Sunset City, Bryllcream asks for your help in investigating. You’ll swim right in the middle of a violent turf war with unhappy and well equipped rig workers, and not to mention the new mutant strains you’ll encounter. It also contains a final boss that is several stories tall!

Clearly handycapable

Clearly handycapable

To help you traverse you the oil rig properly, two new moves have been introduced. The “Player” is blessed with water dive and water slam. These abilities do indeed carry over into Sunset City itself, and make water traversal far easier. Water dive allows you to dive under the water before coming back up for air in a spectacular launch out of the water to gain airtime and keep moving. Water slam is a sort of uppercut move that will launch you into the air as well, and aiding your ability to glide. The actual rig area is itself littered with life rafts, cargo in the water and to help you avoid the water. It’s a big area to explore — you’ll be grateful for the water dive move. The water is relatively safe however, except for the occasional fatal undersea creature that will drag you under.

On the subject of weapons, there are two new additions to the Sunset arsenal. The first one is a shotgun that effectively sets enemies alight; however, the flaming compensator is preferable, while the second addition to your arsenal almost doubles as a trap. The rivet gun can fire electrified bolts. Pretty standard fare, right? We forgot to mention those bolts can be used to form an electrified fence to take out OD. Now that’s shocking! …What?


We apologize for that last joke and would like to smooth it over with this subsequent information. Despite the trailers and promos all claiming the Mooil Rig contains several hours of new content, in terms of story it only amounts to about two hours. Sure there’s extra challenges, more chaos squad and achievements that can be done but ultimately it seems the new DLC is more of the same. Not to say that that’s a bad thing. It’s definitely worth a purchase, but maybe only if you’re a fan of the game, according to several users of reddit and NeoGAF.

Sadly it seems that the new "mutant strains" are just palette swaps of the same ole OD.

Sadly it seems that the new “mutant strains” are just palette swaps of the same ole OD.

Sunset Overdrive’s Mystery of the Mooil Rig DLC needs only a gigabyte of hard-drive space and can be purchased from the official Xbox Store for just $10 US. Incidentally, if you already have the season pass, then the Mystery of Mooil Rig is included in that. All you need to do is download it from add-ons on the marketplace.

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