Lizard Squad Halts Attacks for MegaPrivacy Vouchers

The group responsible for direct denial of service attacks on Xbox Live and PSN on December 25th has halted following talks with MEGA cloud storage founder, Kim Dotcom.

Several hours ago, Kim tried to strike a bargain via his personal Twitter account with the hacker group known as Lizard Squad to play Destiny. Lizard Squad gained notoriety in the gaming community by claiming responsibility for a number of cyber attacks. The white hat hacker group Finest Squad has also claimed partial responsibility for their downfall.

Lizard Squad revealed details of their motivations in an interview with — the group was trying to send a message to Microsoft and Sony about the weaknesses of their respective tech infrastructures. Once only for the giggles, Lizard Squad now believes their work to be for a ‘real cause’. Of the two companies, Lizard Patrol claimed Microsoft was easier to take down than Sony, which recently upgraded its security systems.

The bargain that @KimDotCom struck with Lizard Squad in return for the denial of service attacks to stop amounted to 3,000 Megaprivacy premium vouchers for all Lizard Squad members. Lizard Squad agreed to the offer, claiming that the attacks had stopped but, the ensuing downtime was an after effect of the direct denial of service. KimDotCom, also known as Kim Schmitz, has been a prominent member of the gaming community for a number of years.

Some Twitter users were less than pleased about Lizard Squad receiving rewards for disrupting their Christmas gaming and vented to that effect. While @MEGAprivacy took this opportunity to assure everyone their hosted data is still safe, some users on Twitter and Reddit are still reporting issues with both Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Many are expressing distress over missing Xur, the random exotic merchant for Destiny. Others are reporting they can log in but are unable to redeem codes online. At the same time as all this is going on, Sony’s official Twitter FAQ account has reported that they’re doing their best to fix the network issues everyone is having. Microsoft has also provided a link for users experiencing difficulties.

Xur, the Exotic merchant.

That’s all the information we currently have on the subject and will keep you guys up to date when both PSN and Xbox Live are up and running again. To stay up to date easier, or if you just like what we do here at the Nation, feel free to stalk us on Twitter.


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