Nippon Ichi Software’s htoL#NiQ Coming Soon

Nippon Ichi Software’s htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, also known as Hotaru no Nikki, is a puzzle-adventure game releasing in America for the PS Vita on February 24. It will available in digital and physical versions in North America, and in digital-only version in Europe on February 25.


htoL#NiQ is set on December 31, 9999 in the dark ruins of a desolate world. Players will use the PS Vita’s touchscreen and rear touch pad to help an amnesiac girl called Mion navigate dark ruins. If Mion is caught by enemies that lurk within the shadows, or caught in traps set up throughout the levels, she’ll die. Although Mion is unable to attack the enemies, players can use the environment to destroy them i.e. by dropping boulders on them. There are two worlds in the game — a world of light and a world of shadow. In the former, the player controls a firefly called Lumen who guides Mion through the darkness by its light. In the latter, the player is able to control a shadow firefly called Umbra, who is able to remove objects on the game stage from behind the shadows. Lumen can be controlled with the touchscreen, while Umbra is controlled with the rear touch pad. As the game progresses, the player can collect memory fragments which reveal fragments of Mion’s past.


A number of staff involved with this game also helped to develop Nippon Ichi’s Disgaea series. The game was originally slated to release last fall, but was pushed back. The game also will support PlayStation TV, and will be available for purchase on the PS Store. The game is being localized by NIS America, who will also sell the physical version through their online store. It costs $20 for both the digital and physical standard versions. There is also a $30 limited edition that includes a physical copy of the game, the game’s original soundtrack, an artbook and a collector’s box. For anyone interested in pre-ordering this game, visit the Official NISA Online Store.FFD1_3D_FULLSET_ESRB

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