Playstation Tells all about PSNow

Details of the Playstation Now have been released just hours ago and the news is exciting. A post made via the Playstation blog, written by Peter Jamshidi has revealed information that may answer several questions Sony fans have been clamouring to know.

On January 13, Sony customers will have access to a subscription service for PSNow that will provide unlimited access to an existing catalogue of 100+ Playstation 3 titles. PSNow user will be able to discover new game titles and play them instantly without downloads, installs or even patches. It seems the idea behind the new service is to eliminate the need for people to leave their home— instead of requiring a physical purchase copy of a title, Sony chooses to favour digital content. This is great news for any advocates of digital media and the service will be available first on the Playstation 4. There’s no news regarding other regions as of yet, but the service will be rolled out first in North America. Other PSNow enabled devices will receive it sometime in the unspecified future.

There are a couple of subscription packages for the service, with the first being $19.99. The second subscription package will cover players for three months and will cost them $44.99 USD—averaging to roughly $15 a month. The subscription will provide access to a large and diverse range of titles ranging from action-adventure to role playing games and apparently “everything inbetween.”

The reason Sony has developed this service seems to be mainly for the PS4 crowd. They realise many new PS4 owners never owned a PS3 or likely missed some of the fantastic PS3 titles released in the last few years. They feel the PSNow subscription service will provide an easy way for the new generation of Sony gamers to catch up. For those few who are skeptical if the service can deliver on it’s claims, Sony are also offering a free seven-day trial to the program when it launches. The supported titles planned for the service are from well known publishers and developers like Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Warner Brothers, Sega, and numerous others as well as indie developers.

To celebrate the launch of the of the service, a free Playstation Now theme will also be available for PS4 users in early January. If players download the theme for January 31 they will be automatically entered into a competition to win a one-year subscription to PSNow, which will include access to titles like DarkSiders II, The Last of Us, El Shaddai, The Batman Arkham series and  Saints row IV.  Peter also confirmed in a comment response that PSNow’s future will include PSX and PS2 games..

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