Blacklight: Retribution Undead Studio Now Dead

Today, Blacklight: Retribution fans were met with some rather distressing news: Zombie Studios is closing down, with no reason given but a letter posted on their website may give a hint regarding why.

The letter on the studio’s official website opens with an irreverent pop culture reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy before delivering the bad news to Blacklight fans. It informs fans that the studio has been going since 1994, publishing their own games as well as being involved in over thirty titles, working on every major console and nearly every publisher in the industry. They feel now it’s time to close the studio doors and part ways to pursue their own wants.

The owners of Zombie Studios are retiring. They have enjoyed the feedback from fans and worked with various tech over the years. Bidding farewell, they expressed their thanks to employees of the studio both past and present before mentioning a new start-up studio: Builder Box, which has managed to acquire the rights to some of the intellectual properties that Zombie used to hold, including complete rights to Blacklight: Retribution. Builder Box studio is comprised of past Zombie employees that worked on Blacklight, including Founder Andy Kipling and Technical Director Russel Nelson — it seems fans are in good hands.

“Thank you and game on.”

-Zombie Studios-


For anyone concerned with support inquiries related to Blacklight: Retribution, they can contact Builder Box studios via their website. The website is currently very bare and only holds links to Twitter and Facebook accounts. The website has four separate sections: Home, Team, Games, and Support, but currently those links lead to nothing. The website is still in its early days, so the best way to contact them is likely through the social media provided. Hopefully they’ll be up and running soon.

Andy Kipling issued a statement via Builder Box’s Facebook page about the new studio. Despite the ownership changing, the people behind the scenes of Blacklight: Retribution for the last four years are still working on the game. Builder Box will also be working on Perfect World going forward with new updates and exciting changes in the next year. It’s no big secret that among the gaming community, Perfect World is despised. It’s going to be interesting going forward whether this will affect the game for longtime Zombie fans. This move may very well be removing the head, causing the body to die. Time will tell.

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