Awesome Games Done Quick Raises Over 1.5 Million Dollars

January 10th marked the official close of Awesome Games Done Quick 2015, with over 28,000 donors contributing to more than 1.5 million dollars to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. In eight days, speed runners tried their hands on a range of games, from classics like Quake II and Descent to recent hits like The Binding of Isaac and Metal Gear Rising. Streams were supported with live donations and shoutouts from viewers around the world, and through product purchases like the Humble AGDQ 2015 Bundle set. Online T-shirt vendor Yetee, who is also supporting AGDQ, tweeted a record-breaking $50,000 raised for the event. After-charity events will continue until January 13th, and game tees are still available — $3 from every sale will go the the charity pool. Users noted glitches in the donation tracker, so the number may change as amounts are tallied after the close of the event.

For those who were unable to view all 164 runs, /u/suudo compiled the Twitch streams on Reddit that you can use to browse runs individually, and Youtube user Belkofag has also uploaded the videos for view. Some of the notable events include the InFamous: Festival of Blood world record set by sk84uhlivin, a proposal by Jackafur to Kittyrawr after the Mischief Makers speed run, a conspicuous donation alluding to another recent gaming event, and a praiseworthy Warioland 4 karaoke by 00greenbean00 & co.

Here is a short list of personally recommended speed run videos:

Transistor Speedrun [Vulajin]

Tetris: The Grandmaster Exhibition

Half-Life: Opposing Force Speedrun [QuakeGuy]

Dark Souls 2 Speedrun [Noobest]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Speedrun [Adam_ak]

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Speedrun Competition

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