Heroes Of The Storm Enters Closed Beta

Blizzard announced today that Heroes of The Storm is now in closed beta with its newest content patch. Not only does this patch bring Heroes of the Storm into a closed beta state but it also adds Thrall the Warchief to the game along with a new map, Sky Temple. Beta invites will be sent out shortly be sure to keep an eye on the Battle.Net Launcher to see if Heroes of the Storm is now active for you. Emails will also be sent out along with notification on the Launcher. Haven’t opted into the Beta for Heroes of the Storm yet? Be sure to log into your Battle.Net account and update your beta preferences. You might not make this first wave of  invites but at least you’ll have a chance for the next round.

Heroes of the Storm Intro

Tutorial systems in MOBAs are notoriously short or, well, not very good. Blizzard aims to change that with a completely revamped starting experience. If, however, you’re an more experience player with the genre? The option to skip ahead is given directly after logging into the game for the first time after the new patch.

Heroes of the Storm thrall

The new hero Thrall, classified as a Melee Assassin, will dish out ability damage more from mid-range along with having a trait known as Frostwolf Resilience. The trait triggers a self-heal after five abilities are used. The dev team has also been working on some changes for characters that needed some love: Falstad, Abathur and Li-Li. The skins presently available are nice but some lacked real definition. The example cited in the video, Pajama Abathur, will have its kit fleshed out further with changes to his Symbiote, Cocoon and his Locusts.

The latest content patch also brings two new game modes, Hero League and Draft Mode. Hero League will bring about Ranked Play to individual play. It will be accessible at Account Level 30 as long as the player has 10 characters unlocked as well. Draft Mode, usable in custom and regular play, will allow teams to pick and choose composition prior to matches.

New skins have made their way into the storefront along with a new item: Stim Packs. These items increase the amount of gold and experience you gain per match. They’re available in 7 day duration or 30 day duration packages. Want to know every tiny detail though? Read the full patch notes here.

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Source: Closed Beta is here!

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