“Blitz” Gives Insight Into His Signature Hero Storm Spirit In A Perfect DOTA 2 Game

William “Blitz” Lee is a renowned Dota personality, formerly of Team Zephyr. He has a fairly popular twitch stream and casts the occasional Dota 2 Tournament. Blitz is most well-known for his dominant mid play on his signature hero, Storm Spirit, and his easily approachable down to earth personality. He took a short hiatus from the Dota 2 scene after leaving Korea. He, recently put his hat back into the ring and achieved his goal of reaching seven thousand MMR (Match Making Rank). His stream has been receiving a lot of attention lately. His content is popular, informative and he appears to be transitioning into more of a commentated stream of consciousness Twitch streamer. You can follow his stream here: BlitzDota.

If you’ve not played Dota 2 or are just not familiar with the hero Raijin, the Storm Spirit. Storm Spirit is a “Ranged Intelligence Hero” with high mobility and strong ganking potential in the early to mid-game. This, more often than not, allows him to transition into a carry role in the late game. His Static Remnant spell has a low cool down and does burst AoE (Area of Effect) damage making it excellent for farming both the “jungle” and “creep lane”. His signature spell (also his Ultimate ability), Ball Lightning, allows him to “zip” across the map in a streak of lightning quickly closing the gap on enemy heroes before he unleashes the power of the storm.

You can watch Storm Spirit played at his maximum potential in the video below as Blitz shows us why Storm Spirit is his most well-known hero.

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