Kickstarter Spotlight: STRAFE

Whoa. Pixel Titans, makers of the game STRAFE, mentioned in the video most certainly know how to make a Kickstarter video. Every single marketing trope of the 1990s PC gaming scene shows up in a single trailer and each of them is taken to an insane extreme that makes for a blistering piece of footage. It is heavily reminiscent of the first Virtual Boy ads.


Check out the sick 3D. This game. So tight.

This is clearly an homage to the extreme first-person shooters that dominated the Shareware days and helped establish the PC gaming scene, but with a twist. Levels are procedurally generated and dying means an entirely new level to gun your way through. A new level on respawn means you’ll have to rely on the enemies you’ve already gibbed to possibly provide a clue as to where the heck you’re supposed to be going.

Some of the features for STRAFE?

• BILLIONS of level possibilities with a unique level generated on every load
• OCULUS RIFT compatibility  put yourself inside 100% virtualized “real” environments
• Randomized enemies, monster closets and hidden secrets surprise at every turn
• ÜBER-GORE® Tech for ludicrously persistent gibs
• Lifelike digital gravity
• BLAZING fast gameplay and responsive controls
• Realtime first person upright biped simulation
• Weapon upgrades and power-ups that’ll change your play style
• Unsigned 32 bit colors!
• Colored lighting!
• Ultra large resolutions with a unique 16:9* screen ratio (*only in 2d mode)
• Multidimensional polygonal meshes derived from over a thousand unique vertices

Players will start with one of three weapons: Shotgun, Machine Gun or Railgun. Other weapons exist strewn about the four Areas listed on the game’s Kickstarter page. The backer rewards are fantastic, ranging from a STRAFE POGs set, to a “Money Bag Build” of the game where all the guns are gold and the gore is, you guessed it, gold as well. “Have the most expensive Let’s Play on the market, and overcharge everyone else to watch it.” The best reward at $10,000, though, has two parts including all prior tiers along with a STRAFE casket and CRT-shaped tombstone.


Mm. Taste the Gib.

The game itself remains to be seen. As one can glean from the footage, this is clearly a fast-paced FPS of old with power-ups to find, ammo to scrounge and scores of enemies to blow to pieces. There will also be Oculus Rift support included at launch. You, too, can truly experience the action in every dimension possible! STRAFE is quite speedy and those new to VR might want to hold off before strapping on their helmets, though.

The “Risks and Challenges” section will also muster at least a chuckle with statements such as “In 2014, around 60 million people died on Earth. There is a low but persistent risk the STRAFE® team may also suffer untimely brutal deaths and be unable to deliver the game to backers.”

The Über-Gore Tech mentioned in the features list can be seen in action below:

The pixelated look of the excessive gore is almost charming in a way. STRAFE looks to be released in early 2016 pending a successful Kickstarter campaign. The team at Pixel Titans is hoping to acquire $185,096 to fill out the rest of the team, animate and build levels, etc. They’ve already brought in nearly $14,000 with 29 days left, and they don’t seem keen on doing any sort of Early Access for the game unlike many other developers. The final product will be what hits digital storefronts in all of its 1996-era 3D glory.

Source: STRAFE Kickstarter

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