Undead Labs at PAX South: Rundown on the State of Decay: Year One Surivial Edition

Our very own Jeff Pannell had a chance to sit down with Geoffrey Carr of Undead Labs at PAX South today to talk a bit about the new Year One Survival Edition for State of Decay; their flagship zombie survival game for Xbox 360, PC and soon Xbox one. State of Decay features a series of modes that have been released as DLC over the years. The original version features a single player adventure in which you play as a character living through a zombie outbreak in a rural American town. The first DLC released for the game, Breakdown features a mode in which players hold out against an ever-growing horde of zombies for as long as they can. The final DLC, Lifeline returns to the story-driven experience of the original game but with an original story featuring a stranded military unit.

Carr informs us The Year One Survival Edition of the game will update the original and Breakdown campaigns with all the features of all the DLCs. This includes the addition of SUV’s as a vehicle type and over 200 firearms instead of the original count at around 50. Players will also enjoy brand new additions to their arsenal such as a new incendiary ammo type and a default knife as a last-ditch melee weapon. The new edition will also be getting a face lift from the original version, with an overhauled UI to fit the games new 1080p resolution, improved textures, particle effects and draw distance. Carr informs us that all the blood effects and combat animations have been redone and updated for the new version.



We asked Carr if there were any plans to add cooperative play to the game in the future. Carr responds with:

“That is not a feature that is coming in this game, because this is basically the definitive version for State of Decay which was engineered from the ground up as a single player game and we didn’t really want to band-aid in a feature that really wasn’t going to fit, going to work. But we have signed a long-term deal with Microsoft, this franchise is going to continue, this is not the end of State of Decay. This may be the definitive version of the original State of Decay but it’s not the end. We’re not just closing the book and moving on, there’s a lot more coming on in the future and the idea of doing a multiplayer game has been a part of our ambition with this from the ground up. Take whatever implications from that you want, but for right now got nothing new to announce.”

Players can look forward to the release of the Year One Survival Edition on April 28th for the United States and May 1st for the rest of the World on Steam and Xbox One. Fans who already own the original versions will enjoy a cool 33% discount for the new edition. Carr insists the updated version is worth the buy: “That remaining 20 bucks? We basically considered that our mission statement to earn that.”

Below is the full recording of our interview for those that want all the juicy details!

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