Women in Geek Media Panel at PAX South 2015 Recap

Not only did women represent today at PAX South, but during the Women in Geek Media panel, six ladies gave convention goers a pep-talk worthy of Kid President!

The panel featured six women from popular female Geek Media sites: Asia al-Massari from Bitch Team Alpha, Brittney Brombacher from Blondenerd.com, Danni Danger from Weird Girls, Katey Hausman owner of Bitch Team Alpha, Melissa Kay from Can’t Talk Media, and Mia Moore from xomia.com

The team focused mainly on what to do to begin the journey into the realm of geek media, but a lot of these tips are beneficial no matter what your goals are. What follows is a summary of the pep-talk for all of you who may have missed the packed panel. 

Becoming a Content Producer in a Bunch of Not So Easy Steps:

  • Learn to be authentic. Don’t second guess yourself, be confident in your personality. Try new stuff, whether it is games, settings, layouts, or anything else you think you might like, try it. Chances are someone else will like it too, it’s your content and this should be fun for you.
  • Be your own superhero. Make content you would like to consume. When evaluating your content, learn to view yourself as a stranger. To get good at something, you should, as Mia put it, “be constantly embarrassed of the person you were yesterday.”
  • Stay motivated. Negative comments shouldn’t stop you from creating. Listen only to people who care about you. There is a ton of support in the Geek Media Community, reach out to other content creators who you admire and ask questions.  Watch the first video or read the first blog of people you follow to see how far they’ve come since they started, no one starts out a pro.
  • In the best communities, every voice feels as though they have been heard. Every time you produce content it encourages someone else to do the same and their content in turn encourages someone else.
  • Overcome self-consciousness. It is a process and takes time. Be patient and encourage yourself.
  • Learn to foster the good competitive spirit that allows you to grow rather than participating in the negative win or lose competition. Be motivated by the good content of other bloggers/streamers to create amazing things rather than feeling like they beat you to it so you will never make it. There is enough good stuff out there to be made by everyone.

The internet is the great equalizer allowing everyone a chance to have their voice heard, so don’t be afraid to share what you have to say. Everyone, girls especially, need to be able to see themselves in other people to know they are not alone and that their goals are attainable. Be yourself for that lonely person who needs to see that they, too, aren’t really alone. 

Be a Supportive Community Member

Support other content producers. When you see negative comments, sometimes adding one comment of encouragement will make the difference between someone feeling outcast and the next awesome video. Remember, people are real. They can, and will, eventually see that rude tweet you made, so make sure to avoid negativity. The community of Geek Media is small and your reputation will get around, making it hard for you to gain followers later if you start out as a Negative Nelly. 

We are all different and everyone needs to be active in our Geek Media communities to share all opinions and give light to all voices. 

Ways We Can Improve

Right now there is a lot of the “Bro” stereotype in public media which encourages girls and minorities to think that only boys, or certain people, can game/stream/etc. We need to make sure that kids see more diversity in geeks. 

Share Your Thoughts 

What content are you making?  Which of these tips do you find helpful?  What do you have to add?  Share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay informed about all things gaming and PAX South by following us @APGNation

Picture from @xoMiaMoore

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