Mobile Monster Battler Moonrise at PAX South: Interview with Undead Labs

Today at PAX South, APGNation’s Sean Winnett had a chance to get his hands on Moonrise, Undead Lab’s new mobile creature collector game due for Apple and Android devices. Moonrise is set in a world filled with creatures called Solari. When a lunar eclipse corrupts the normally peaceful Solari into Lunari, it is up to the player to take on the role of warden and cleanse the Lunari back into Solari. Players will be able to fully customize their warden’s gender, skin color, features, and cosmetics.

On the outside, the concept bears a strong resemblance to the ever popular Pokemon series. The developers admit the similarities and reference Pokemon as an inspiration for the game, but that they are not seeking a clone. From the time we had our hands on the game, we agreed that while the background was fairly similar, there were some stark differences in gameplay. Rather than a single one-on-one battle that typically takes place in creature fighters, players will have up to two simultaneous Solari to fight with in battle. Battles take place in real-time rather than the typical turn-based system. Additionally, the warden can be attacked with several abilities during battle — this presents two options for victory by either clearing an opponent’s team or directly taking out the opposing warden.


The game will feature an in-depth PVE story as well as an extensive PVP scene. Players will be able to take part in casual PVP battles as well as the more hardcore tournaments, seasons, and ladder modes each with their own rewards for participation. Various PVP settings are also in development as Undead Labs informs us, and modes such as Draft and Sealed will be available to use, along with a few other modes that are currently being cooked up by the PVP professionals back at Undead Labs HQ.

One of our concerns was with the game’s free-to-play model, a feature that might be detrimental to the actual fun of video games. Undead Labs assures us the game will not be pay-to-win, that all content will be available to all players without any kind of paywall. Those who choose to will be able to pay for boosts to their XP and gold income, and various cosmetics and random Solari. They also spoke a bit on some changes they had to make due to the release on mobile platform:

“One of the interesting challenges on mobile is you have to cater to different gameplay length times.  Some people might be playing this in line waiting for a coffee. Somebody might be playing this at home on their couch in front of their TV.”

The developer plans to include long dungeon slogs, quick fights, online matchmaking, and the like to fit to whatever timeframe the player chooses.

Players can look to early 2015 for Moonrise on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Need all the details? listen to our full interview below!

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