Hajime Tabata Came and Went — Reddit AMA

The 23rd of January came and went. Without much fanfare, Hajime Tabata of Square Enix hosted an AMA on Reddit about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The director of Final Fantasy Type-0 is an amazingly humble man.

Hajime Tabata started out by clarifying that Square Enix would be doing their best to have the exclusive FFXV Demo-Duscae playable with the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. On the subject of Episode Duscae, Hajime also said the jump feature and the Phantom Sword ability will be in the demo. He then stated that they are still working on optimizing the system, noting he couldn’t give a date to fans. Hajime then answered some other questions, stating FFVII:Crisis Core and Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII won’t get revisited HD treatments at current time. He noted he was definitely interested in people’s thoughts on the subject. The multiplayer aspect has also been removed, as including ad-hoc in Type-0 HD would require a matchmaking system, and further increase development time. The Japanese voice track for Type-0 has been included in the HD release and the game will run at 30 frames per second.

One user piped up about character-exclusive accessories obtained through “Squenix” member logins in the HD release of Type-0 as well as exclusive cutscenes, asking if anything was removed. Hajime clarified that all the accessories will be obtainable through the game, including the member’s site rewards. In regards to the Crimson Codex missions and sidequests, it’s the same as the PSP version. The only difference is they’ve added some new important cutscenes that players will need to unlock in order to view, and character control improvements.


Tabata also mentioned he’d be thrilled to work on a Type-0 sequel, if asked. There are no current plans for a PC release of Type-0 HD but Tabata said he’s interested in Steam as a platform. Interested readers should check out the entire AMA on Reddit.

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