Wracking up Some High Scores: PAX South Interview with Brad Carney, CEO of Final Boss Entertainment

The Nation’s own Jeff Pannell had a chance to talk with Brad Carney, CEO of Final Boss Entertainment about their new arcade shooter, Wrack. Wrack is a fast paced cel-shaded arcade shooter that focuses on quick action, killing waves of baddies along with racking up combos and high scores. Carney felt there had been a dearth of arcade shooters available on the recent market, and Wrack is an attempt to bring back the breakneck arcade shooters of the past such as Doom.

We asked Carney regarding the choice for the cel-shaded graphics style of the game:

“Most of the shooters that are out now, they’re just very brown and photo-realistic. And we wanted to something that’s more stylized, more colored. Yeah has color. I know this crazy concept called color. I know it’s this nutty thing. But we also wanted something that complimented the game-play. This is a game you’re running 80 miles an hour, you’re packing up monsters by the dozen. Something about a photo realistic art style wouldn’t gel with that.”

Currently only featuring a single player campaign, players will fight their way through hordes of enemies as capped off by final bosses. Carney emphasized that the final bosses were atypical in that they have no weak point or specific action you have to take to defeat them. More so players will have to memorize attack patterns to survive long enough to claim victory. It’s a design choice Carney claims encourages learning during gameplay.

While currently single player only, the game featuers leaderboards in terms of high scores and time trials. Those players competative enough have the ability to watch replays of the fastest times and highest scores as well.

Wrack is currently available on steam. We asked Carney if he they had any plans for a Mac or Linux port, to which he replied “We’ll think about it.”

Want all the juicy details? Check out the full interview below!

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