God Games Goes Global in Lithic From Flintlock Studios

At one point or another, we’ve always wanted to rule the world, or seen someone in charge and thought “Hey, I could do that!” — for decades video games have given you the chance to do just that in such classic titles as Populace, the various Sim titles, and many other. As of late, there has been a dearth of titles that let you play god for an afternoon or two, but Flintlock Studios is looking to change all of that with their new RTS game Lithic, exclusively for PC!

In lithic, you play as a “Creator Spirit” a powerful being called to an alien world by its native people through a powerful ritual. However, as the ritual went horribly wrong, a myrid of spirits, rather than just the one they had intended to summon, flooded the world. Becoming bonded to the people, trees, rivers, and even the earth itself. Now to release themselves from their earthbound prisons and ascend to godly glory once more, players must command their spirit to help the people of this new world improve their culture and technology so that they may do just this. “The mythology of Lithic helps to inspire the design of the game” says Lead Designer Jon Hughes. “Everything in the game is influenced by the story and the universe we are creating.”

To go along with this neat bit of world building, some equally interesting gameplay awaits gamers looking for their god-game fix. From the get-go players will be given the choice of five different tribes to command on their way to seizing the heavens — which begins with teaching their primitive people the basics of such ancient technology as building tools from stone, and even how to communicate using spoken language. If you were worrying that all this might become annoying due to the micro-management commonly found in RTS, then worry no more. The folks at Flintlock Studios promise that the AI will take care of all the basics of your civilization such as keeping the people well fed and rested — while you focus on bigger things. Just make sure to be mindful of your people, because if one of them dies, they die for good, and take with them any knowledge you had gained from their presence to the grave with them.

Lithic is currently on Steam GreenLight and will have an early access launch sometime early this year. You can track the teams progress online on twitter @lithicgame and, while your there, don’t forget to follow us on @APGNation for all of the latest gaming news and reviews.

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