Evil Geniuses Goes 7-0 In The First Two Days of the Dota Asia Championships Group Stages

The first and second day of the group stages of the Dota 2 Asia Championships are now over and Evil Geniuses –the only American team invited to the event– finished the two days undefeated. EG currently sits at 7-0 against some of the best teams in Asia, including International 2014 champions Newbee. The Evil Geniuses squad for the DAC includes two new players: Suma1l and AUI_2000, in addition to the usual suspects, Fear (of Free to Play fame) PPD and Universe.

The first day of the group stages saw Evil Geniuses facing off against Vici Gaming, who came in second in the International 2014; then against MVP Phoenix who represent the best of Korea; before facing off against Newbee and finally LGD Gaming.

Evil Geniuses’ game against Newbee was spectacular. EG lagged behind in kills but kept up in farm with AUI_2000 playing Enigma though he struggled to find a Black Hole early game. EG was not even on the board kill-wise until nearly half way through the game. The tables turned thanks to a  spectacular Black Hole by AUI_2000 locking down the two core heroes in Newbee’s line up and turning the momentum game in EG’s favor. Once the tides of battle were in favor of EG it was just a matter of ensuring Fear (playing Lone Druid) was able to clean up the fight. Watch the full game below:

The second day saw EG facing off against Invictus Gaming before facing off against Rave, one of the two South Korean teams invited to DAC 2015. The last game of the second day for Evil Geniuses was against another Chinese team, Tong Fu. They choose to run a Drow/Visage strategy  with Fear playing the Drow and AUI_2000 playing his signature hero Visage. Tong Fu had the chance to ban Visage but choose instead to ban Invoker despite the Drow Ranger having already been picked and Evil Geniuses strategy already revealed by their draft. The misdraft by Tong Fu lead to a very decisive last game for EG on day 2. The Dire boys are now looking strong going into Day 3 of the group stages at the Dota Asia Championships.

Fear sat down with Ineska of StarLadder.tv on Day 2 for an interview. He discussed their newest member Suma1l who is just fifteen years old and is brand new to the Dota 2 scene. Fear discussed how the veterans of the squad are helping him and how their drafts are even organized in such a way to give him heroes and roles he is comfortable playing with. The rest of the veterans on the team adapt around what Sunma1l is comfortable with and keep rolling on. You can watch the full interview below:

The prize pool for the Dota 2 Asia Championships is an amazing $2,460,000 USD at the time of writing and still growing. It has already eclipsed the 2014 League of Legends Worlds prize pool and is on track to surpass the 2013 Dota 2 International Prize Pool. Will the Americans be able to take the Dota 2 Asian Championships? If Evil Geniuses continue with their current performance it might just be an American team taking the Asia’s largest Esports prize. It would be an amazing upset and somewhat fitting, considering Newbee won the International 2014.

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