Teachers in Japan Say No Games for Two Days

Japan is generally known as the country with unique customs, amazing and imaginative porn, and as a leading force in the world’s technological advancements. Would you expect them to suggest abstinence from games, though? According to Japan’s public broadcasting station NHK, the Hokkaido Board of Education would prefer if kids went outside and played sports in the sun, did their homework, or studied for upcoming exams. To promote these views, the board is calling for parents to institute a policy of abstaining from games twice a month.

Students from Hokkaido generally earned lower scores than the Japanese national average. Since the board of education feels the easiest way to raise score tests is by studying, they are urging households to  declare the first and third Sunday of every month as No Game Days. The restriction isn’t just aimed at kids though — they’re suggesting that even adult gamers should not play on those designated days. The board, having made a statement last week, proposed that the first No Game Day be February 2nd. In support for the idea, local events are being planned for the preceding Sunday like snow rafting, fishing, and other Hokkaido pastimes.

The Lifelong Learning Division head Shinsuke Asai described the purpose of this concept is to put in place a desirable lifestyle through distancing children from video games and increasing the learning experiences they have with their family and friends. It seems that while the idea was met with mostly positive feedback, when it actually came to the day of February 1st, No Game Day was unpopular with the gamers involved.

While more kids may be enjoying video games recreationally, online social media is slowly taking over everyone’s life as well; from console gaming to just everyday playground talk at the school. Is the real issue irresponsible parents or is the problem much deeper than that? Our society does become more entrenched on the Internet every day and it is arguably the most important recent invention of the human race, but one does wonder if such dependence is the best thing.

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