Persona 5 Trailer Reveals New Characters and Gameplay Footage

During a 30 hour live stream celebrating all things Persona, Atlus unveiled a new trailer for Persona 5! This trailer, which you can view below in all its dark and gritty glory, marks the first time we’ve seen actual gameplay footage from the fifth installment of the long running RPG series, whereas the trailer released last summer consisted almost entirely of an anime cinematic.

Series staples such as Igor, the Velvet Room, and a distinct high school setting all make appearance, but the trailer also goes out of its way to show just how different the world of Persona 5 is from even that of Persona 4. Just as Persona 4 carried a theme of small town life and the quiet of moving from one extreme to another, Persona 5 carries a theme of its own, showcasing a state of affairs that has our nameless protagonist running from men in black suits while dressed in a mask and long trench coat. This motif of darkness extends to the party attire as well, with each character dressed in both casual wear and battle outfits with matching masks that recall the aesthetic of the Phantom Thief genre of anime.

Persona 5 SS

Beyond our heroes’ fine sense of fashion, the trailer also reveals the existence of several new party members, including a girl with twin pony tails, a young man with blond hair, and a cat-like creature similar in appearance to Teddie from Persona 4. Each character in turn takes part in battles that very much resemble those featured in earlier entries in the series, with such classic elements as All-Out-Attacks taking center stage as the crew battles distinctly horrific creatures against a backdrop of Tokyo’s neon-lit night. Also new is a series of intensely stylish menus, the separation of weapons into the categories of “gun” and “sword” as in the main Shin Megami Tensei series, and enhanced graphics made possible by the series jump to the PS3 and Ps4.

Persona 5 Menu

What is missing, besides any real hint to the installment’s plot, is any mention of Social Link or the Persona series’ character-driven method of leveling up its titular summoned monsters. A fan favorite since their introduction in Persona 3, it is unlikely that such an important facet of earlier Persona games will be omitted by Atlus, but only time will tell if we’ll be spending days in Tokyo making chit-chat with NPCs to power up mythological creatures when Persona 5 arrives in America sometime late this year.

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