Nintendo Announces Pokémon Art Academy Contest

Nintendo is looking to ignite the artistic spark in gamers everywhere with a new contest featuring Pokémon Art Academy for the 3DS. In this clash of artistic expression, budding illustrators will have a chance to submit art created with Pokémon Art Academy through the Nintendo Miiverse in one of two categories. “Dress-Up Pikachu,” in which you design a costume for the world’s most famous electric rodent, and “My Favorite Pokemon,” which, just as the name implies, allows artists the freedom to draw any Pokémon they wish. Six lucky winners across both categories will be chosen to receive one hundred copies of a unique Pokémon TCG card featuring their design and will be announced sometime in May of this year.  These cards will be unique to each winner and will not be sold to the public in any form.


To enter the competition simply follow the instructions below provided by Nintendo via press release:

– Create and save an image in Pokémon Art Academy using Free Paint mode.

– Select the “Share” option from Pokémon Art Academy’s main menu and connect to Miiverse.

– Select the “Post to Competition” option and select “I Agree” if you agree to the Official Rules.

– Highlight the category you’d like to enter (Dress-Up Pikachu or Your Favorite Pokémon) and then choose “Select Competition”. Only the first post you make will be recognized as your entry.

– Slide over the image and select it and then choose “Share Selected”.

– Enter a title to accompany your artwork in the comment field and then select “Post”. The image will be posted to Miiverse and entered into the competition.

– The only way to enter the competition directly is from the Pokémon Art Academy game, available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Pokémon Art Academy allows players take on the role of a budding artist with starry-eyed dreams of having their work featured on a Pokémon TCG card. From there you can polish your skills with forty different lessons, templates, and other features that will help to teach even the least experienced for artists to draw Pokémon like a pro. The game is available now on the Nintendo eShop exclusively for the 3DS.

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