Twitter User Leaks Grand Theft Auto V Online Heist Art

Grand Theft Auto Online art has been leaked by a Twitter user. The leaked images showed all sorts of vehicles, heist gear and weapons.

The Grand Theft Auto Online images were leaked via Twitter on February 20 by a user named Funmw4. Confirmed to be from the game, one user—the founder of fan site RockstarUniverseclarified that some of the images were from the planning board seen in the recently released heist trailer. Speculating on the ETA of heists, Funmw2 mentioned the thermite charges being dropped from another update to the game. He stated “Also this means heists are close but don’t expect it next week.”

Grand Theft Auto V Online Heist

The images added to the Rockstar cloud, depict all sorts of various gear, helicopters, bikes and various tools for the new heists. The first leaked image depicting a black truck said that the vehicle was the new Karin technical, recently updated on the Rockstar Protected Server files named “heist_panning”. Following the Karin technical, a black car with the name Karin Kuruma was then posted. Also shown in the new vehicles were a black plane—speculated to be a Velum, black bikes, and a black helicopter.

Grand Theft Auto V Online Heist

Heist gear was leaked next, with the first image showing what appears to be either money or possibly a drug shipment players will have to intercept. It’s unknown at this current time but as the second image revealed, there will be a drill tool—possibly a similar mechanic to Payday 2. The third image is the most interesting. a pair of night vision goggles, along with a flare gun, a shotgun and a sub-machine gun. There also appears to be a keycard next to what is either a gas mask or an underwater rebreather. If it’s the latter, we could be in for some interesting missions breaking into vaults above water reservoirs or similar. Continuing the gear leaks, the fourth image shows a laptop, some painted masks, ziplock cuffs, a semi-automatic rifle and thermite charges. The presence of thermite charges confirms that they will be in heists, despite Fun’s previous tweet. The fifth and final gear image shows the same rifle again, a pistol and a parachute. The parachute is rather curious, pointing to the possibility of breaching a mark by rooftop aerial drop.

Grand Theft Auto V Online Heist

The final images leaked have a plane and a prison guard standing position next to a sign. These images are supposedly from a file named “finale_-2043623611″—”-2043623611″ being the name encrypted in a string of numbers. Funmw2 also said a rather curious statement regarding there being five heist finales for next-gen, but six for last gen. As to what this means just yet, we do not know.

On February 21, the user who leaked all the heist images received a 570 second ban from Rockstar’s Twitch channel. It’s unsure why, but several users speculated it was due to the leaked images. Funmw2 then reached out to find out why he was banned from talking in Rockstar’s streams. According to a tweet by him, on 21 February, he was then permanently banned after seeking clarification on his ban. Finally, the last leak showed what could possibly be the ability to control Lester and Michelle in a heist. Fun himself said he’s pretty sure it’s just an example of developer tools, but no further information is known.

We will keep you updated as further details become known to us. To stay up to date, feel free to follow us on Twitter.


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