Kickstarter Spotlight: Slain!

 The grand tradition of Altered Beast, Shadow of the Beast and Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins lives on in this week’s edition of Kickstarter Spotlight!

Wolf Brew Games, comprised of two industry veterans with prior experience with studios such as Naughty Dog, Rockstar, Frozen Codebase and 3D0, has been quietly developing their homage to the 2D hack-and-slash games of the past, Slain!. The campaign serves to cover the cost of finishing the PC version (releasing in May) of the game along  with a PS Vita coming in September and a PS4 port. The game, at first glance, appears to be yet another 2d pixel art platforming game that seem a dime-a-dozen on Kickstarter these days. It doesn’t take long to notice, though, just how fantastic the lighting effects are and that promised gore. It CERTAINLY delivers in that respect. All of that plus an aesthetic that screams grimdark death metal album? You had my curiosity before gentleman but now you have my attention.

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The Xbox One version of Slain! is a certainty already with the other platforms well on their way as the campaign’s initial goal is only $12,000. Stretch goals and the like should provide preferred platform access plus a bonus of a Steam key as well. Cross-buy for Vita/PS4 hasn’t been confirmed as of yet but considering it’s a two man team, the likelihood is low at this point. The first builds of the game were constructed using the Construct engine but, recently, the game was revamped using the Unity engine. A great in-depth look at an earlier build of the game be found over at IndieGameMag.


Players will assume the role of Bathoryn, a grim hero in a Gothic world, who is on a mission to liberate seven great towers. So many horrors await our hero as he charges forth into the dark lands. Werewolves, monstrosities, abominations, and demons lurk at every turn and each tower he lays siege to must have their Overlord toppled. Death will occur and, possibly, often leaving Bathoryn but a quivering pile of viscera and a pool of blood. Brutal difficulty married with an refined combat system makes for a side-scrolling experience that is worth giving a look at. 27 days are left in the Kickstarter campaign thus far and they’re over $6,000 currently. They should easily meet their goals and then some.

Those looking to hack and slash their way through a dark and bloody world full of pixel art, gothic sensibilities and a world that appears to be just so…METAL need look no further.


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