Our Nation’s Review: Evil Controllers White Urban Custom Xbox One Controller

A White Urban Custom Xbox One Controller was provided by Evil Controllers for the sake of testing for this review. 

Growing up in the 90’s as a gamer, there was always a sure-fire way to see where on the friend food-chain you stood. All you had to do was attend a sleepover or a birthday party and if you ended up with the off-brand controller then you’re the black sheep of the fold and it’s probably time to start looking for new friends. However, in this modern era we find ourselves in — third party controllers with fragile joysticks and sticky buttons are a thing of the past. Parents shall no longer fall prey to the fake smiles from their children who receive generic brand controllers on Christmas morning!

These days, third-party controllers cater to the hardcore gamer. They cater to the gamer who wants his or her controller to give them the edge over others in the ultra competitive online scenes. They cater to the gamer that wants the gear that sets them apart from the other players when they walk into a LAN or a local tournament. They cater to the gamer who wants to stick out just by what his or her controller looks like when they walk in the room. For this new breed of competitive gamer, the custom Xbox One Controller from Evil Controllers is no exception.

This custom skin is beyond attention getting

This custom skin is beyond attention getting


Feel and Customization: 

First and foremost, the custom controller fits snugly in the players hands just as a normal Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller would. Without even looking at the controller, it would be impossible to tell it’s made by a 3rd party. The only differences visually from a normal controller is the custom paint job, the extra buttons on the back and the lack of icons on the front buttons. The front buttons being blank might be an issue, but anyone buying this controller already has the button placement memorized anyway (myself included), so I didn’t even notice until after a few hours of using the controller. Players still have the option of having the icons on the buttons when they customize their controller order online though, so if players want custom joystick sides or icons on the buttons they can choose to do so.

Speaking of customization, the amount of originality gamers can order for their controllers are absolutely astounding. Take a look at the online ordering system they use and check out the amount of options. Players can have custom paint jobs, their names or logos printed on the sides, custom side rails, pretty much every detail on this thing is customizable. The more creative gamer types out there could really come up with some neat creations using this tool.

eSports Advantage:

On the backside of the controller are two small buttons residing on either side at about the tips of your index or middle finger. I put the most use out of the right extra button because it auto binds to the A button, the typical jump button in many games. It took some getting used to, but it became second nature to use this as my new jump and only having my thumb rest a little higher on the controller to only worry about the X, Y, and B buttons. I am primarily a PC gamer and it didn’t come with an Xbox One wireless adapter. A quick plug in of USB that usually charges my cell phone was all it needed and it was ready to go.


What really sets the controller into the hardcore category are the custom settings and mods that are soft-coded into the device. The Mastermod hard-coded into the controller give players the edge with mods for online FPS games such as Call of Duty, Destiny, or Battlefield. Players can enable mods such as rapid fire, auto spotting in Battlefield 4, auto running, auto scope steadying, faster reload, and drop shotting (dropping to prone right after firing)  to name a few. These mods give serious players the edge over others who don’t have access to the inhuman reaction times these controller mods can provide. My personal favorite aspect about the mods are that they are optional and are adjustable, so players can modify them a bit to fit their own personal style. The controller we received for review did not come with these features however, players can choose whether or not these mods are present on controllers upon order.


The only downside to the Custom Controller would have to be the price. The minimum buy-in for the controller is $69.99, but that is more or less a generic Xbox One controller. Players can still hug that low price by only selecting a custom paint job, but the more unique the controller, the higher the price. The controller we reviewed is valued at $160.00. This high buy-in kind of makes it’s purchase more of an investment rather than just replacing that one controller you threw against the wall one too many times. But honestly it fits this niche rather well, as there is a massive population of gamers that play exclusively online competitive games. This product is meant for those whose hobby are these online games, and it fits its niche rather well.

Final Verdict:

The Evil Controller Custom Xbox One Controller is made for those willing to pay top dollar for the advantage in the online FPS, TPS, or for those that just enjoy things that are unique to them. If you eat, sleep, and breathe Battlefield, Halo, or Call of Duty, then Evil Controller has the best gift of your life waiting. The design adds features to the gameplay experience without taking any comfort away from the original design. It’s the 3rd party controller that for the first time you might actually hold on to at parties.

So, what do you think about custom controllers? Let us know in the comments below! Digging the Evil Controllers Custom Xbox One Controller but are as poor as myself? Then check out our giveaway where one lucky reader is getting the very controller reviewed here! Details below:

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