Kickstarter Spotlight: Seaworthy

Eat An Orange, You’ve Got Scurvy

Mildly Competent Games, a two-man development team based out of San Francisco, has taken to the tumultuous seas of Kickstarter to launch a 16-bit pirate adventure with rogue-like tendencies, RTS combat and sea shanties aplenty! Encounters are randomly crafted and procedurally selected and make every playthrough different depending on the choices made. The seas that would-be pirate crews will trek across are procedurally generated as well.  There is an entire world of loot to be plundered, factions to be won over and quests to complete. This is Seaworthy.


The game, which has been accepted by the Steam Greenlight community, features the story of a survivor. He was one of the few remaining souls still sailing the deep blue after a failed expedition some years prior. Horror and carnage were all that awaited that damned crew though not everyone who made it came back empty-handed. That share of the cursed treasure came in handy! It got a ship and a crew and away that merry band went. Glory! Gold! Rum! All these things were just over the horizon until that one fateful day a scraggly one-eyed parrot made its way to the deck. This bird, the former messenger of the lost expedition’s Captain, squawks a dire message. It seems that treasure a scant few made off with? Yeah. It’s totally cursed.

Strange supernatural happenings are being reported left and right. Former crewmembers are vanishing without a trace.The cursed artifacts must be returned to the dark seas from whence they came!

Master and Commander

The above trailer and Kickstarter pitch video mentions the influence of Peter Weir’s Master and Commander on gameplay. The splinter of wood as grapeshot impacts the knotted wood of a ship’s hull, the smoky haze and water pouring into the hull are all but some of the problems a fledgling Captain must face. The lunacy and terror of battle must not stop a Captain from standing tall, giving orders to his men to make it through each battle as the victor. The management of multiple vectors among a ship feels reminiscent of titles like FTL while the text-based choices to make during and after encounters evokes Sid Meier’s Pirates (which are both cited as inspirations). Players will need to keep their cool when faced with long odds and a ship bearing down upon them. Send wounded down to the medical bay for a quick patch job by the doc? Take the wheel and get ahead of the next onslaught of cannon fire? Direct men down to the bilge pump to pipe out that rushing water from the last broadside shot? Stay the course and man the cannons so as to take out the other crew’s sails? Choices like these, and then some, are what await players in Seaworthy.

Galleon Dead Ahead!


Combat will consist of strategic encounters where compartments, crewmen, and shots must be managed. The focus is on being the Captain and making the necessary choices (many of them tough) to win the day. There won’t be any sort of steering alongside and taking spammed shots on the target. Shots taken at enemy ships must be chosen in a tactical manner rather than sailing about and spamming the “Fire” button. This strategic element means sails can be taken out for boarding or, perhaps, shots fired at the lower portions of the hull to sink it outright. If a Captain chooses to board the ship then equipment must be chosen and officers carefully placed for control and management of the situation. Captains can roam about, offering morale and issuing orders to for focused strikes, avoid crewmen death and more.

Any of those ships encountered throughout the game can be taken and further customized to the player’s liking. Kill the opposing crew and it is up for grabs. This bevy of options is available for tweaking including the weapons aboard, figureheads, thickness of the ship’s walls, the sails and more. The crew manning these ships consist of Seamen, Officers (that level up and gain variable buffs and abilities) and, of course, the Captain.

The song in the trailer, by the way, is called “Roll the Old Chariot” and it is sung by David Coffin.

Rewards for backers include Early Access, Art Books, credit mentions, creating everything from encounters to figureheads and more. The team’s goal is modest, really, at $44,000. A big chunk of that would go to living expenses, according to the initial pitch video, along with seeking out another artist to join the duo at the helm of Seaworthy. The Kickstarter page for Seaworthy can be found here: Seaworthy Kickstarter.

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