Battlefield Hardline Coming To EA Access

The EA Access vault will soon have another addition. A trial for Battlefield Hardline will be available to members on March 12. This is the first Battlefield game since Bad Company 2 that’s really put the main focus on the single player, and the trial aims to show people the effort being put into it.

This information, released via a Tweet 10+ hours ago, carried with it some bittersweet news. The Battlefield Hardline preview will be available to EA Access members soon, but the game will not be running in full HD. According to a response from Visceral, the Xbox One version will be running in 720p resolution while the PS4 will be at 900. Understandably, fans of the series are somewhat outraged at this, citing they were told it would run natively in 1080p and that the whole “next-gen” thing is a massive joke. Many users said they won’t buy it, and didn’t enjoy the beta. Other users were fine with this, thanking EA for choosing 60 frames per second over the visual quality.
The Battlefield Hardline trial includes a full ten hours of gameplay, showcasing both single and multiplayer aspects of the game. All the multiplayer maps and modes are included, giving EA Access users a first-look. The Hardline trial features the game’s prologue, as well as the first story chapter. EA has stressed this isn’t a demo. All the progress made in both single and multiplayer modes during the trial will be added to your game upon Battlefield Hardline’s North American release of March 17. Those players that enjoy the trial can save 10% on their purchase of Battlefield Hardline for Xbox One.

The EA Access system gives members access to full games as well as trials. Entire games are regularly added to the EA Vault, constantly being updated with the likes of Battlefield 4, EA Sports UFC, Plant Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and several others. For the miniscule price of the $4.99 membership, it really is quite worth it. Hell, Battlefield 4 alone is worth the five dollar fee. It is great value if you can put up with not knowing when a title will be added. If you want to stay up to date with Battlefield Hardline or just enjoyed Our Nation’s First Impression of the Battlefield Hardline Beta, then follow us on Twitter.


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