Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Are Available Now

Hallelujah my people, it is a good day. Grand Theft Auto Online Heists are now being rolled out.

Announced by the RockstarGames Newswire only a few hours ago, Heist are now available to download. It seems that with an update of this size, the game is being rolled out piecemeal worldwide, so don’t fret if you aren’t able to access it yet. Your time will come. The update was available initially only to PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but the Playstation Blog informed players that both the PS3 and PS4 version of Heists are now out. The only version currently left in the dark is the PC version which Rockstar assures will have Heists included when it hits on April 14. The size of the update naturally will vary between the different consoles with last generation being 1.3-to1.5 GB while the new generation of consoles update is a whopping  4.5 GB-5GB update.

Heist let players carry out long missions with up to three friends, through five different scenarios, spanning across 20 missions. Players will need to plan their roles and use strategy to complete each heist. Communication and coordination of the team are critical to winning. Missions will vary, much like the PayDay series, and require the team to move together as a unit while some will require players to break off into their separate roles to complete key objectives. Elite challenges have also been included in these new missions which can award players additional finance for future criminal endeavors. A new mode called “Adversary” has also been included. This mode allows for competition amongst other players in via completion of daily objectives, as well as other activities in free mode across Los Santos and Blaine County.

Players can assemble a crew by creating one or joining existing ones via the Social Club to earn additional respect points as they go through the new content. Every Heist needs a leader in order to begin them. Leaders can only lead if they are at least Rank 12. Anything lower is a no-go. They also need to own a high-quality apartment, with a planning board, as well as financing the initial cost of the job. Progress through the heist only counts for the leader, so it would be best to party up with people you know and trust.

Communication is key and if you can’t converse via a microphone or a headset, you’d best avoid heists. They are essential for remaining up to date and barking orders at someone possibly not doing their job. The different roles players can be given will range from lookouts, bodyguards, two player air patrols, and more. Knowing your team’s roles will be crucial, especially if you’re heist leader. Individual stats in Grand theft Auto Online will affect player performance in missions.

There are new vehicles, weapons, tools and locales but will the new GTA V Heists mode live up to the hype? Have you already played a couple of rounds and want to leave a comment or mention something we may have missed? Feel free to post in the comments down below or on our Twitter account.

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