Smite, Now on Xbox One

The popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Smite is coming to Xbox One. HiRez Studios, the same people who developed Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend are bringing their latest title into the next Generation.

Revealed on March 11 via the HiRez Studios Smite blog, it seems the first wave of the closed Alpha keys have been sent out. Applicants were advised to check their email to see if they had been chosen to test Smite for the Xbox One. HiRez also reported that Arena, siege and joust three on three competitive match queues were active and that live streaming was allowed.

Smite sign up

To help the debut of Smite arriving on Xbox one, HiRez also decided they would make all the game’s characters—”Gods”, completely free for a short period. Until March 15, over the weekend those that were lucky enough to get an Alpha invite to the Xbox One test will have access to every single deity within the game. As well as making all the Gods free, the Producer of Smite has been handing out invite keys over the last two days. It’s unlikely that the keys haven’t been claimed already, however it’s a safe bet that more will be handed out before the weekend is over, especially since each set of keys was assigned a day. The Sunday codes have yet to be given out yet.

Players who are interested in signing up for the upcoming Beta test can go to the HiRez website to apply. The Xbox One beta sign-ups was announced as live on January 06 They must volunteer their email address twice, and verify they are over 13 years old before agreeing to the terms and conditions of the beta application. A security measure against bots has been implemented as well, requiring users to match an avatar image with another in order to “opt-in” to the Smite closed Beta.

While the servers on Xbox One are separate from the ones on PC, players in Europe and North America are able to transfer their progress onto Xbox One. The game is reported to run at 30 frames per second on the Xbox One, with the visual standard being identical as running the PC version with maximum graphical settings. As for the possibility of Smite making it onto Playstation 4, Todd Harris of HiRez Studio had this to say in an interview with Worlds Factory. “For now we are focused upon the Xbox One version and the existing PC version.”

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