Idea Factory Announces Neptunia X Sega Hard Girls Crossover

Earlier this week at the Dengeki Game Spring Festival 2015, Idea Factory announced that their Hyper Dimension Neptunia franchise would be featured in a crossover with Sega’s own Hardware Girl line in an upcoming game for the Playstation Vita. The crossover will likely play on the fact that both series feature a similar core premises involving anthropomorphic versions of various game consoles re-imagined as cute girls. What does differ between the two — lies in the sort of consoles each series features. With Neptunia playing with thinly veiled parodies of the 7th generation game consoles, and Hardware Girls on the Sega consoles — released between the late 80s and early 2000s.


Hyper Dimesion Neptunia since its inception in 2010, evolved into a small-scale media empire, spawning countless video games, anime, manga, and merchandise. The latest of which, Hyper Devotional Noir: Goddess Black Heart was released for the Vita last month. Meanwhile, Sega Hardware Girls is a fairly new property—having only been introduced in Japan in 2013 via a series of light novels. More recently, three of the primary protagonists from these novels: Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and Saturn, have appeared in a 3D CG anime titled Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls that ran for 13 episodes late last year.

No further details were given as of writing regarding what genre the game will cover, or what characters will be featured in the crossover but some fans have speculated that it maybe a fight gaming of some sort.

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Source: Crunchy Roll

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