Unite A Galaxy In VoidExpanse — Coming Soon to Steam

In VoidExpanse, the choice is yours how you will rise to the role of savior and repel a race of evil alien invaders. Which of the games three factions will you join, or perhaps even reject them entirely and become a space pirate? Will you mine the cosmos, or build up your military might and take the fight to your oppressors? All of these choices and more await in VoidExpanse, as you take on the role of a young person from humble beginnings who will someday grow up and fulfill their destiny.


VoidExpanse features an impressive array of features — ranging from customizable ships, characters with expansive skill trees, and even a complex in-game economic based on trading and selling goods amongst the games variety of PC traders and merchants. You’ll even be able to tackle all of this expansive content with friends, as each VoidExpanse gamer server will feature a persistent world populated with both galaxies created via fan-made mods or those put out by the game’s development team. Either way, your journey through the world of VoidExpanse may be a harrowing one, so it can’t hurt to team up and explore it with a few friends.

VoidExpanse arrives on Steam April 2nd, but you can check out the a preview right now on the game’s Steam page here.

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