Snapshots Episode 4 – Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes

This is episode 4 of the Snapshots interview series hosted by Dave Throop.

Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes is a professional player in the Halo Championship Series who competed with Denial Esports throughout Season one. He has formed a new team for Season two consisting of himself, Brett “Naded” Leonard, Dillon “Randa”, and Cody “Contra”Szczodrowski currently being called Team Randa while they search for a sponsor.

Well known for his aggressive and “nerdy” play style RyaNoob has been a top player in the community for nearly half a decade. Sometimes getting himself into trouble with his teammates, his ability to find success despite constantly changing teams has been a defining characteristic of his career. He discusses his introduction to competitive halo and his entire career up until this point including his impressive dethroning of Instinct in Halo Reach and his dominance in Halo 4. He explains some of the reasons why he developed his “nerdy” play style and some of his philosophies on the game. He also speaks about his recent stint on Denial including why he is no longer with them. Known to be a player who is not afraid to speak his mind he doesn’t hold back here and talks about why some of his teams just didn’t work out.

This interview is nearly two hours long so there are timestamps included so you can listen to only the parts that interest you the most if you don’t have time to watch it all.

0:00 Intro to gaming and halo
2:01 Intro to competitive halo
2:48 How did AReallyGoodNoob become your tag
3:41 First tournaments
6:30 Combines
9:08 First Pro Placings?
11:03 Bring Back Combines?
12:28 Why Leave Warriors after Columbus?
13:42 Darkest Hour
17:45 Halo reach – Why leave Str8 Rippin?
20:05 Infamous
26:30 Rest of Reach – AGL – LAN Jitters
30:17 Halo 4 Game in General – best game you’ve played?
32:23 Halo 4 career Warriors
37:00 Best Player in Halo 4? Formal
41:57 Rest of Halo 4 and success on several different teams
45:36 H2A Launch Invitational
47:35 Denial- Iron Games
49:40 UGC St Louis
52:15 G4G – Predicting EG will win – handling problems on a team
56:00 Why tell a team you are leaving before a tournament? Team changing philosophy
59:12 Value in a coach?
1:03:24 Why were you unhappy with Denial?
1:04:54 PAX
1:08:53 Vlog
1:11:40 Left on good terms?
1:13:16 Are you Misunderstood?
1:14:47 “Being Nerdy”
1:20:04 How much time do you spend thinking about the game when not playing it?
1:21:55 Polarizing personality – how many teams have you left vs being removed?
1:24:30 Favorite tournament?
1:25:17 Favorite map? Game type?
1:26:34 Best teammate ever? Teammate that taught you the most?
1:28:34 Best player of all time? Best player at a given point in time?
1:30:29 Follow or play other esports?
1:31:45 Team Randa
1:34:50 Difference between Team Randa and Denial
1:37:49 Can any of the new teams beat EG?
1:41:55 Build an HCS Super team
1:43:55 Shoutouts and Closing

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