Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Until June 23rd

It’s been nearly two years since the final chapter of the explosive Batman: Arkham series was announced. We’re all waiting with baited breath, and  when it drops, it’s going to be huge. When it drops is the keyword here, as sadly Rocksteady studios have to delay it further, until June 23.

Announced via the Arkham Knight forums and the Official Batman: Arkham Knight Twitter account, Rocksteady and Game Director Sefton Hill have released a joint statement bearing a bit of bad news for Batman fans. Batman: Arkham Knight has been delayed several days past its initial June 2 release, and will now be launching worldwide on June 23—not too much longer to wait. as for the delay, no details are as of yet known. Rocksteady stated they were a “developer that hates to make compromises”, apologising for having to delay the “epic conclusion of the Arkham trilogy”. In order to reward people’s patience and understanding, Rocksteady have released a new gameplay video to whet their appetites. The developer also thanked fans for their continued support and understanding in the delay. KA-for-Nameless-3The game-play video captured via PS4 opens with a conversation between Batman—voiced by Kevin Conroy and Commissioner Gordon. Barbara Gordon is acting as the oracle for Bruce Wayne, as he searches for Scarecrows gas canisters. Batman takes out a group of nearby thugs effortlessly, helping a civilian to safety before calling the Batmobile in order to track a military vehicle. Upon subduing and interrogating the driver, he’s rewarded with Scarecrow’s whereabouts before snapping the guys arm and rushing off to Scarecrows safe-house. The whole video goes for seven minutes and forty-one seconds. The Bat-Mobile is the main focus of the video, showing its weapon capabilities, as well as Bruce’s seamless transition from being on foot, to mounting the vehicle itself as he shoots around the city in it. It looks to be very fast paced and the series has never looked this good before.

As an avid fan of Batman: The Animated Series, the Arkham series has been a godsend and it looks like this new one will not disappoint either. At least it’s not a long time to wait, and Bloodborne comes out tomorrow. Did that gameplay video from Rocksteady serve to sate your hunger for more Arkham Knight? Feel free to comment here or on our Twitter account.

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