Gaming on a Budget 3/26/2015 Edition

This week sales are scarce, so it was somewhat slim pickings. We checked through Steam and several bundles, stumbling on many science fiction classics. We hope you will like this week’s suggestions and if there are any games on offer you think we should suggest, don’t hesitate to comment.We’ll try to check them out.


The first offering we have this week is possibly the weakest in the series somewhat, but it is still a very intriguing and immersive experience. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky is set prior to the other games in the series. You play as Scar, one of the inhabitants of the Zone—a large area of severe nuclear activity that has formed after the 86′ meltdown of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The outlying area is now full of mutated wildlife, and radioactive anomalies transformed from everyday household items. Some of these anomalies created artifacts—rare objects of power that are highly sought after by other Zone scavengers.

The game takes elements from different genres, mixing first-person shooting with survival roleplaying aspects—all wrapped in a rather immersive horror setting. Moments like encountering a nest of mutants late at night, when all you can see are their bright white eyes truly becomes unnerving. You’ll need to learn how to survive the Zone, utilizing  you skills to avoid anomalies and prevent joining the unfortunate “zombies” that wander in the high radiation zones. You can survive one or two emissions, but when you find out what they do, your entire purpose will change. Clear Sky—while being the weakest in the series, is still a hell of a good title. It’s currently available on Bundlestars for only $1.99 along with our next title.


System Shock II. The classic—also included in the same Bundle as above, puts you in the shoes of a cybernetically enhanced soldier. He is rudely awakened by one of the crew aboard the Von Braun. Dr. Janice Polito guides him to safety before the cabin he’s in pressurized. He has to find his way to Dr. Polito, as she may be both of their only hope of escaping the inhabitants of the ship. Well, they’re more like crew-members—or rather they were. The soldier must scavenge his way through the ship encountering all sorts of hostile, malfunctioning bots, radio leaking, and an ally who harbors a dark secret.

System Shock II is a game similar to Clear Sky. It’s told via first-person perspective, utilizing audiologs and text notes. Armed with only a wrench, you’ll have to find better weapons, dispatch hostiles—all the while upgrading his cybernetic firmware, to increase abilities. Not all items work on the same enemies. Different types will benefit you as you play, as will identifying what works. This truly is sci-fi horror at its finest, and the gameplay still holds up well in this day and age.


Deus Ex is yet another well-known science fiction classic. Set in 2052, the world is caught in the grasp of a horrific plague wiping out throngs of the earth’s population. A vaccine, called ‘ambrosia’ has been developed and everyone’s trying to get their hands on the stuff, but where did this “Gray Death” come from? Did it occur naturally or was it helped along by some shady organization? Deus Ex is a game that explores what it means to be human, focusing on the aspect of trans-humanism—the advancement of the human race. But is forced evolution the right call? Does one man have the right to control a society’s fate? You decide.

Deus Ex is yet another first person game that borrows elements from role-playing games, incorporating ability levels, inventory, and stats. Will you be skilled enough to bride that guy or are you strong enough to kill him? Does he hold information that’s pertinent to your mission? Are you willing to risk it? Deus Ex is all about decisions—both big and small. Every obstacle has several different ways to tackle it, so your play style is entirely up to you. Deus Ex: GOTY isn’t currently on sale, but it is immensely cheap on Steam. It’s currently only $6.99, so snap it up now.


Few games still manage to strike fear into me, but the Aliens Vs Predator never seems to disappoint. Aliens Vs Predator 2000 is the first title in the series that explores all three separate facets of the universe. You can play as Marine, Alien, or Predator. The game is quite a challenge, and you are only allowed to save a certain amount of times on the normal difficulty and up. If you’re looking for a simpler time when first person shooters didn’t hold your hand or let you regenerate health, then this is a winner.

You will need to have your wits about you while playing as the Marine. Those Xenos are everywhere and while you may have your motion tracker, it’s only as reliable as your skill. Perhaps you’d prefer to play the game stealthy? No problem. The Alien campaign provides just that, but there’s one hitch. You’ll have to become fully grown first, so find a host in an out-of-the-way place and allow yourself to gestate. Then when you’re done cooking, just chomp through the guy’s chest. Bone and sinew is no match for your chompers. Perhaps you enjoy the hunt? Well, free to skulk in the shadows, hiding from your prey, before cleaving their heads with your disc weapon—as the Predator. You have a variety of unique weapons and experiences available to you and at the small pittance of $4.99 on Steam, AvP 2000 is a steal!

That’s it for this week guys. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to remain up to date with great deals on titles we personally recommend!

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