Outlast and Whistleblower’s DLC Coming Soon to Mac OS X and Linux

Red Barrel’s Outlast was undoubtedly one of the most immersive stealth horror games to come out of 2013. Not only was it creepy, driven by an awesome original science fiction plot, but the game was also independently developed. It received critical acclaim and then the outstanding “Whistleblower” showed us how DLCs should be done. That same magic hit last year when Red Barrels released it once again—this time on the Xbox One. It is no doubt a well-developed title that PC gamers have been enjoying for years. Now it seems it is GNU/Linux and Mac’s turn to brave the halls of Mount Massive Asylum.

Announced by both press release and via their Official Twitter account, Red Barrels will be allowing both Mac and Linux users to have the opportunity to experience the horror that was Outlast. The two new ports will be released via Steam on March 31st. One user commented on the announcement, informing Red Barrels that Outlast had already been in the OS X Steam game list for several weeks prior. Another user showed their discontent at this announcement, lamenting at what they consider to be the long development time of the sequel to Outlast.

We here at APG had the opportunity to review Outlast’s Whistleblower DLC. I have no doubt that we will have a review for Outlast 2 up when it becomes available. We can only hope that Outlast 2 will provide the same minimalist survival horror experience that the previous game and its DLC did. There really was no other feeling like creeping around a corner, thinking you’re safe, only to have Chris spot and chase you. Having to run with your tail between your legs, and hide in a nearby locker in a room with a burst water pipe? Not many games provide experiences like that these days.  We can only hope the next game ups the ante. I can’t wait.

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