Our Nation’s Review: HyperX Fury Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Product: Kingston HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad
Manufacturer: Kingston
Platform: PC/Mac/Linux
Price: $9.99 to $29.99 (ranging from Small to Extra Large)

S: 240mm x 290mm 
M: 300mm x 360mm
L: 420mm x 500mm
XL: 420mm x 900mm

Kingston provided a @HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad for the purposes of this review. 

Kingston was kind enough to send us here at APGNation a neat little goodie bag of a few of their gaming peripherals, including a small HyperX FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad for us to play around with. I personally have been kicking around the same mouse pad I got off Artscow.com, when they did the free custom giveaway years ago, so I jumped at the chance for a replacement, especially a pro gaming mouse pad. My small dirty mouse pad was banished to the depths of my desk and it was time to bring on the professional gear.


I call it ‘Art’, my fiance calls it ‘Butt’


I admit I’m personally hesitant to take anything using the term ‘professional gaming’ very seriously. But professional gaming mousepads are very commonly used by pro gamers. Watch a Major League Gaming event and look closely: you can see each professional player sporting these massive mouse pads with intricate art unique to players who sport them like how goalies sport unique hockey masks. These unique mouse pads do give an edge in the professional realm and a player showing up with a generic two dollar mouse pad to a LAN would be like a player showing up to a fighting game tournament with a controller instead of an arcade stick. It’s become a staple in the professional scene.

The Smooth

The mouse pad we received from Kingston being within the small category, it’s absolutely massive compared to the generic mouse pads I’ve been using for my entire life. Gone are my days of my DotA 2 pubs where my mouse slips off the edge of my pad when an enemy Slark comes screaming out of the fog. Gone are the days of CS:GO where I rip around corners so hard my mouse scoots off the pad exactly as my head pops like a flashbang. Gone are the days of Payday 2 where I’m whipping around so fast I have to pick up my mouse so often it’s like I’m conducting an orchestra. I suddenly have all this space that I didn’t even know I had and I can’t help but love it. Professional players at the highest level use pads with the largest size for the largest range of movements possible. Gamers also have a variety of size options for the FURY Gaming Mouse Pad. I was pretty satisfied with the small and don’t have space on my desk for the largest of sizes, but gamers who are more violent in their movements will appreciate an even larger size

The weights and sizes of the various pads

The weights and sizes of the various pads

Upon unboxing the FURY Gaming Mouse Pad, the first thing I noticed was how soft it was. Despite being almost half as thin as my previous mouse pad, it feels silky smooth to the touch. In my personal situation this softness and the increased size of the mouse pad made me feel so much more comfortable, as my wrist was now resting on the softness of the pad instead of the wood of my desk while not losing any surface area for the mouse pad as a whole. My mouse also felt like it glided a bit more smoothly along the surface than with my generic pad. I imagine gamers looking towards the eSports scene will really appreciate the decreased resistance without having much trouble adjusting to the change.

The price really isn’t bad for the FURY Gaming Mouse Pad either. The small size I’ve been using for the past several weeks comes in at only $9.99. Not a bad price considering your typical BestBuy generic mouse pad comes in at about $7.99. The improvement for only a couple bucks is nothing to scoff at. Those that might be skeptical of a gaming mouse pad really won’t be taking a huge leap of faith by giving the FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad a try. Not only that, but Kingston offers a complimentary two-year warranty on all their mouse pads. A two-year warranty on a $10 product is probably the safest bet in gaming purchases ever.

Eventually, my better half took over my desktop for some evening gaming and I was banished to my laptop and my recently cast-off Asuka-Butt mouse pad. But now that I had eaten the apple from the tree of gaming mouse pads I could not go back. Only two weeks prior I was blissfully unaware of what I was missing, using my generic pad and gaming late into the hours of the night. But sitting down now to my old pad, it felt like it was made of sand paper. I could feel every contour of the pad and it felt like my mouse was constantly hooking onto the minuscule fuzzy bits. And it was driving me crazy. Not only that, but I realized the bottom of the FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad has grips that firmly sticks it to your desk. It wasn’t until my old mouse pad was sliding all over that I realized how unbearably annoying not having a stationary pad is. After a particularly uncomfortable game of DotA 2, I was hit with the realization that I could never go back because I knew too much.

The Bad

I could really appreciate Kingston catering to my personal taste with the FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad by utilizing my favorite color for the pad, but the design of the pad is somewhat bland with a solid black minus the HyperX logo in the corner. As I previously mentioned earlier this mouse pad replaced my custom ArtsCow.com mouse pad, but I just really missed some kind of unique design to my mouse pad. As I also previously mentioned, the highest tier of professional players use custom made pads when competing and playing. Those unique designs are something I really want to show off my identity of a gamer. The simple design just left me wishing for a little bit more.

Professional DotA team LGD using full-sized gaming mouse pads. Notice how massive they are as well as the unique designs.

Professional DotA team LGD using full-sized gaming mouse pads. Notice how massive they are as well as the unique designs.


The eSports Factor

Calling the FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad just a better mouse pad would be a true disservice for what and who it was designed for. There is a reason that professional gamers like Dendi of DotA 2 and Summit1g of CS:GO use mouse pads like this. It’s not because they look cool or because it has the term gaming attached to it, but because it really raises the skill ceiling when it comes to professional gaming. This little pad was engineered for gamers of all kinds seeking to enter and succeed in the eSports scene. The softness I described earlier comes from the heat treated fabric cover designed for precision, the solid grip of the desk comes from cross-weave rubber that practically cements the pad to your desk surface.

What is particularly beautiful about the FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad is what it means for eSports. A gaming mouse pad is a requirement for anyone and everyone who wants to particpate in any eSports on the PC whatsoever. A good mouse pad and a decent internet connection are all that’s required for normal people to become some of the top players in the flourishing eSports scene.


Above is a screenshot from the documentary Free to Play of Clinton “Fear” Loomis of the Evil Geniuses DotA 2 professional team, argueably the best team in North America and possibly the world. The setup you see above is the setup Clinton played on while he was a member of Online Kingdom, a team that competed at the LAN finals for The International 2010, the largest DotA 2 tournament in the world. He’s on a desk the size of a nightstand and his freaking CRT monitor is being held up by a stack of books. But look in his nightstand desk you’ll see it. A gaming mouse pad. The image alone is a quintessential example how a mouse pad like the FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad is core to the identity of a professional gamer.

And that’s what I find so beautiful about eSports. The only thing standing between a young man or woman with a dream of competitive gaming is a $10 mouse pad and perseverance.

Final Verdict: 9.0

The FURY Pro Gaming Mouse Pad isn’t something that’s radically going to change your gaming performance by just existing. I personally wish it had a bit more inspired design, but the FURY Gaming Mouse Pad really fulfills every need a gamer would have when it comes to a gaming surface. It’s soft and silky to the touch of both the hand and the mouse, it’s large enough to remove those embarrassing mouse fumbles during intense matches, and the accessible price makes it a very low-risk investment for the gamers who like spending money on video games more than anything else. For gamers wishing to break into the eSports scene, this pad would be a staple of your gaming gear. And like I mentioned before, once you use something like the FURY Gaming Mouse Pad you just can never get comfortable with a generic pad again. I have eaten the forbidden fruit of gaming mouse pads, and I can never go back.

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